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The Home Profit Center business opportunity has been making its debut in peoples’ email boxes all across the world. These messages, often found in your spam folder, claim to offer you a secret for making money online.

The first click will lead you to a webpage made to resemble a real online news website. Here you’ll read about a young single mom who’s been using Home Profit Center to rake in a fortune. These fake news sites look very legitimate, making use of logos and layouts often found on real news publications.

After you click through the “news site” you’ll be taken to the final sales page which has become a standard template for these types of make money online programs. This page makes use of its own host of tricks to gain your confidence and ultimately your payment.

You’ll be bombarded with exaggerated income claims, more inappropriate use of corporate logos, and false scarcity tactics. These methods have all been used in the past and are continually rehashed due to their powerful ability to get people to buy into business opportunities.

If you read through the site (www.onlinehomeprofitcenter.com) carefully you can find traces of the previous use of this template. Places where they’ve forgotten to change the name of the old program and previous spokesperson.

Is the Online Home Profit Center a Scam?

In addition to the above red flags and warning signs there appear to be more serious issues with the website. When you click through to the payment page it does not take you to a secured page and a registration check shows that the site is registered out of the US to someone from Panama.

There are legitimate business opportunities out there and you should not take the risk of signing up with a site like home profit center and dealing with potential refund difficulties or even more serious issues.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Profit Center " is 1.19 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.
  • Profit center is a scam. David christopher has phone number that does not work listed on web site. Do not use or get get involved. They do not pay per contract and should be put in jail.
  • Why would ANYONE pay $97 when you don't even know what it is you're paying for? The big red flag is that all they talk about is the end result... the promises of money. They NEVER explain how exactly you will be making money! Will you be designing websites? Working customer support for a phone company? NO explanation. If it's secretive and it sounds too good to be true IT IS!
  • They dont exist and dont be fools behind money first check all the authenticity behind it then go for it
  • My rule of thumb is, if you have to pay to work from home, it is probably a scam.
  • So much has been said, this is too good to be true.

    I was on the same webpage. It told me there were only two opportunities left in my city, which makes you feel you need to catch it before it is gone. However, the work solely needs to be done through internet...so physical location does not matter...further proves this is scam.
    • 2 opportunities? If you took the time to right click that graphic and select "view image" you would have seen that it was an animated gif image. Not some up to the minute check of your area. And how would they know where you are located in the first place? It's a scam my friend!
  • Someone went thru my address book and sent emails with links to this site to all my contacts. It was on an old computer and I did not use the address book anymore so I deleted all the contacts. The next night a new round of emails went out. I think they captured my addresses and stored them on their computer. They are using my contacts to promote this scam. If you sink to that level to promote a business the business is a scam--most likely.
  • Well, I am added to the list of suckers for this one. My cousin was recently in town for an interview and we were talking supplemental income and what we could do to get some extra cash. The day she returned home I received an email with her name attached advertising the Home Profit Center. Naturally I thought nothing of her email being hacked as we had just spoken about how to make extra cash. She's a pretty smart chick and always investigates things before acting so I didn't think I needed to 'cause I know she has my back.

    Note that I didnt pay $97 dollars, because as I navigated through the page I felt it was to good to be true and I wanted to speak to her before going any further. As I tried to navigate away from the page a window popped up and offer the program to me for $77. I tried it again and it offered it for $47 dollars I tried again but that was the lowest price they offered. So I threw caution to the wind and went for it for due to the bargain price. Seems a total scam as all they try to do is make you upgrade to another program and offer you more and more things to buy to ensure your success. I'm calling my bank in the morning to do a charge back. I don't trust it but if you want to try do the thing I did to get it for $47 instead of $97.
    • Were you able to get any contact information such as telephone number or email address. I want to get my $97 back. We should all try to find out the name of the ad agency and report the crooks to them as well as to the channels on which they aired these ads.
  • Total, classic scam. When the site would not take my newly entered membership "password," red flags went up. Stopped payment at bank immediately. There is not, and never has been a "Home Profit Center."
  • I'm not sure if this is a scam or not but most of these post have been in recent days. If a refund was offered to anyone the allotted time for the refund has not passed so how can a negative rating be given?
  • I almost went for being in dire straits like we are. I decided to google home profits center and found myself here.I usually delete this crap but things are getting difficult and almost got suckered in. Thanks everyone for the warning and sorry for those of you who lost.
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