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The Home Profit Center business opportunity has been making its debut in peoples’ email boxes all across the world. These messages, often found in your spam folder, claim to offer you a secret for making money online.

The first click will lead you to a webpage made to resemble a real online news website. Here you’ll read about a young single mom who’s been using Home Profit Center to rake in a fortune. These fake news sites look very legitimate, making use of logos and layouts often found on real news publications.

After you click through the “news site” you’ll be taken to the final sales page which has become a standard template for these types of make money online programs. This page makes use of its own host of tricks to gain your confidence and ultimately your payment.

You’ll be bombarded with exaggerated income claims, more inappropriate use of corporate logos, and false scarcity tactics. These methods have all been used in the past and are continually rehashed due to their powerful ability to get people to buy into business opportunities.

If you read through the site (www.onlinehomeprofitcenter.com) carefully you can find traces of the previous use of this template. Places where they’ve forgotten to change the name of the old program and previous spokesperson.

Is the Online Home Profit Center a Scam?

In addition to the above red flags and warning signs there appear to be more serious issues with the website. When you click through to the payment page it does not take you to a secured page and a registration check shows that the site is registered out of the US to someone from Panama.

There are legitimate business opportunities out there and you should not take the risk of signing up with a site like home profit center and dealing with potential refund difficulties or even more serious issues.

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