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Home Profit Express (www.HomeProfitExpress.com) is another business opportunity using the fake news paradigm to lure in customers. Millions of emails get sent out, sometimes from hacked email accounts, linking to the now infamous News Daily 7 advertorial.

This fake news article tells a fabricated story of how an average woman from your town, is using Home Profit Express to make $6,000 – $8,000 a month. There are many red flags to let you know that the news site is a fabrication such as having only one page, closed off comments section, and is hosted outside of the United States.

Now once you actually click through the news site and end up on the sales page for Home Profit Express you’ll be hit with even more red flags, blatant earnings exaggerations, and overall a very misleading description of the opportunity being sold to you.

So what is Link Posting all about…?

At HomeProfitExpress.com you’ll find the story of a “JoAnne Adamson” who wants to share a method for making almost 60k a year working one hour a day posting links on online. Now, that statement alone should be enough to have you question the legitimacy of the program.

In reality no such thing exists and there certainly are no companies out there who will pay you that kind of money for posting links. What this scheme is referring to is affiliate marketing which is the method of promoting products online for commission.

While affiliate marketing itself is legitimate and does involve “posting links” it is nothing like what is described by home profit express. You can promote a variety of products online, both digital and physical, and get paid for it.

However no one pays you per link that you post, the only people making money in this industry know how to market online either though their own websites or they PAY Google to advertise through the search engine.

Nothing about affiliate marketing is as easy or as hands off as Home Profit Express makes it seem.

So is Home Profit Express a Scam?

First off, this is not the first website to sell this kind of scheme; in fact there is a constant cycle of websites running these ads. As soon as one generates enough negative customer feedback to affect sales it’s promptly retired and a new course takes its place.

Now there is nothing wrong with internet marketing, but what is wrong is making people believe that they can make easy money in an industry that requires technical know-how, start up cash, and good marketing sense.

The bottom line is that you can find much better training courses than home profit express; ones that are put forth by individuals who have nothing to hide and are not feeding you false hopes.

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Average Rating for " Home Profit Express " is 1 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • This company and website appears to be a scam.

    I have tried to utilize the 30 day money back guarantee and it seems

    the contacts no longer exist.

    Don't be scamed by this.
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