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Home Profit Masters, at www.HomeProfitMasters.com, is a new work at home program offered by Angela Bussio and Jane Simmons, who claims that anyone can make money with this proven system.

Angela Bussio, a motivational speaker who has published books like “5 Secrets to Turn Stress Into Success,” promotes earning money online with the Home Profit Masters system as one of the best ways for people to earn money in this tough economy.

Her partner, Jane Simmons, created this system and within three months was making double what she had earned at her old job, working only 1 – 4 hours a day. Currently, the Home Profit Masters training program costs $97, down from the original cost of $197.

The Money Making Opportunity

The Home Profit Masters system will provide you with step by step videos which will give you detailed training in how to post links online, which is a popular form of affiliate marketing.

In addition to the videos, you will receive access to the Members’ Development area, lifetime access to the VIP Members’ Area, and unlimited personal support.

Home Profit Masters also offers a 2 Month Make Money or It’s Free Satisfaction Guarantee, which promises that if, after 2 months, you aren’t making money with this system, you’ll get your entire fee back immediately, with no questions and no hassles.

And even if you request a refund, Jane Simmons promises you can keep the bonus gifts you receive, including your copy of Angela Bussios’ “5 Secrets to Turning Stress Into Success.”

The Concerns

First, Home Profit Masters is slightly misleading their potential customers by giving them the impression that they will be paid for “posting links,” when the reality is that affiliate marketers are only paid when their link results in a sale, at which time they will be paid a commission.

But the most prominent concern is that they are being promoted though fake news articles, at Finance-Reporting.org. These fake news sites are really advertisements intended to look like real online journalism sources, and are currently under investigating by the FTC.

Before you decide whether or not to invest your hard earned money into a link posting system, check out the free resources available to you online to see if this opportunity is right for you.

Update: This program is now going by the name of Web Fortune Master.

If you're at OpportunityChecker.com because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Profit Masters " is 1.59 out of 5 based on 46 reviews.
  • Reading these reviews I'm so glad I didn't sign up. when I first saw this ad it was called Direct Online Income. I looked up Angela Bussio on you tube and it was under a different name. Nut what got me was all the other videos of hers that didn't have anything to do with extra income. Also it said to keep paying $47 dollars until I decide to cancel, that raised a red flag. Thank you all for your input, because I would've been taken like everyone else.
  • But the most prominent concern is that they are being promoted though fake news articles, at Finance-Reporting.org. These fake news sites are really advertisements intended to look like real online journalism sources, and are currently under investigating by the FTC.
  • WOW, I did some checking around and found several websites from different people and places saying the same thing. Don't get involved with any of them. Sounded really good but too good to be true. Save your money and headaches. Sounds like a major scam.
  • I keep seeing this company under different names. The first time I investigated, the Ad said "Taylor, TX mom makes...." Taylor is a very small town and there was no person living here with the name shown in Ad. I am also suspicious of their start up cost.

    I have checked into many "work from home" advertisements and they all make promises without any details of the actual required work, problems or time required to make the money promised.

    Does anyone know a legit company that has jobs that do not require money down or who will allow me to contact someone who is actually working for the company to give me the real scoop?

    I am a recently retired computer programmer (tired of programming) and need to make at least $500+ a month. The way the economy is going is scary, especially on a fixed income- everyone wants my money and my goal is keep my money by cutting as many monthly expenses as possible and then find a job that pays for reasonable time spent performing the job. I have found many legitimate ways to cut my monthly living expenses-Cable TV, Internet, cell phones, electricity (even free electricity), security system, etc. If anyone is interested I will share, but I still need to generate extra income, even with these lowered expenses.

    Is there anyone actually working from home that is making $500 a month without requiring 12+ hour days or other unreasonable demands?
    • I started doing book reviews for $20-$40 per review. Essentially I get paid to read. Not sure if that helps.
  • Jane Simmons promises you can keep the bonus gifts you
    • I was in a auto accident about 2 months ago no longer able to work out of my home. I need to find a way to work at home mak9ing money. I was on the computer and read about your A to Z system but the deadline was 2 days ago. I really am interested in making money at home. I'm not afraid to work I have worked all my life my husband was in the service for 20 years. Every where we moved I worked. I also volunteered for helping new couples who moved into our military area to get to know what was where. then if it was a newlywed couple and the spouse not knowing what to expect with the military I was the Mother hen to help her learn what to expect as a military wife. If you could direct me in the right direction I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you.
  • Even though I didn't try this company I still think it's a scam. There are alot of companies that charge you to work for them but that's how they get your credit card info & continue to debit out your account monthly. I had this problem years ago where I paid for something online with my checking account & they sold my info to a 3rd party company that started debiting my account each month of $9.95. I did get my money back from the bank & the company also reinverse me because I threaten to file suit against them. Like I told the rep that called me I shouldn't have to pay any company to work for them they should be paying me & that right there stood for scam. Remember any company asking for money 9 times out of 10 our a scam & please do research first as I did with this company. The number that showed up when the rep called me is 773-756-1614. I refuse to work for this company if anyone is trying to work from home you can try aplineaccess.com that is a legit company that you have the choice of working for 100's different companies & they offer benefits. Hope that site is helpful.
  • I started to pay for this company today but glad something told me to do some research first. When the guy calls me back I will let him know no thank you I found out your company is a scam & want no parts of it. Im glad I didn't put any credit card info online but will still make sure I monitor my account even though I didn't provide my last name or credit card info. I told the guy when he told me it was an amount to pay that I shouldn't have to pay any company to work for them. Thanks all of your comments was very helpful. I will not work for this company & will make sure i take them off from sending me further emails to my email address.
  • did anybody try to charge back??? do you know you can? simply call you CC and tell them what happened. It's easy.
  • Stay clear of this. I did not get anything out of this but a bunch of videos to watch over and over again. And once i signed up all they kept asking for is more money and more money !!!To get started. I finally gave up after i gave it one more try. After watching yet anonther video, i found that i would have to build my own website by watching a alot of boring videos in another country in a class setting. With a bunch of disinterested guys, partly clueless. And it wound take me 12 weeks!! To complete. What a joke! I did however try to get my $97.00 back but every option i tried and i got was: no that's not us. It's a s c a m. Beware!
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