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Home Profits Online
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Home Profits Online


Home Profits Online is a work at home business opportunity from Diana Thompson, which claims you need no prior experience or special skills in order to earn up to $377.95 a day.

Like many work at home opportunities available online, Home Profits Online is an affiliate marketing opportunity, specifically link posting. This is where you post links for another company, and if your link makes a sale, you receive a commission.

In order to start with Home Profits Online, you simply need to pay $97.95 to enroll in their Wealth Certification Development Program, and the website says you can receive your first payment in just hours of completing their program.

What is Home Profits Online Really Selling?

Actually, if you decide to enroll in the Wealth Certification Program, you’ll see that you are actually buying the Home Profit Web program. Reviewopedia has previously looked at Home Profit Web and identified a lot of issues with that program.

Home Profit Web and Home Profits Online are actually just one of many, many Wealth Development Certification Programs across the web, and theirs is one of the most expensive, at $97.95.

In addition, if you are interested in affiliate marketing, you should look for information online first, as there is a large amount of info available for free. That way, you’ll know whether or not you are even interested in this type of business before you invest $97.95.

The Bottom Line

After you complete your free research to determine whether or not affiliate marketing and link posting is really an opportunity you are interested in, you should still carefully consider before investing in Home Profits Online and Home Profit Web.

Though they claim to have a 30 Day Ironclad Guarantee, customers who have purchased Home Profit Web have said that they receive no response when they attempt to contact customer service either for help or for a refund.

Besides, as affiliate marketing and link posting are independent business opportunities, you don’t actually need certification in order to participate. Rather you just need information regarding how to get started, which, as mentioned before, is available online for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Profits Online " is 1.13 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
  • When the deal is too good, think twice. I was just about to go and make the payment,you know what, my good friend and teacher warned me,"WAKE UP OR YOU'LL LOOSE YOUR MONEY THROUGH ONLINE BUSINESS. The thing is a scam,thanks to all who have contributed in letting the ignorant know the truth.
  • These people are full of it. On their website all the have are promising things, I almost fell for it.
  • they took our money and we received no information or member login, could not get any response from the company.
  • Total scam! They lie to trick you to pay $97.50. Don't fall for this scam!!!
  • Wow, I could kick myself,.. I should've known better, if it sounds to good to be true, 99% of the time, it is! Well they got my $97.95, and I'm unable to get a telephone number to call these people for a refund. I will keep trying. I decided to try because I got this link from my sister in law, so I thought it was something someone turned her on to and it was working for her. When I talked to her she told me someone had forward it to her, but she didn't try it. And I was the lucky fool! First and Last time I'll be ever get caught on some BS like this.
  • This is the first email, "Make Money for Nothing" SCAM I've got without any "unsubscribe" at the bottom. As of today 2/09/2012 they have (somehow) continuously added names off my "Client List" and added them, to the SPAM! My clients are getting pissed! I'm contacting the FCC about them today!Thanks Marietta for the info about WDP, I'll add that to my complaint!
  • SCAM!

    Purchased the system, purchased the additional system, tried to set up the site (the sites they offer low-grade crap) and the information was not viable for download. I even believe the hosting sites they push are their own. I e-mailed them and the e-mail bounced back. When back to their website the next day and the site moved. Why would the site move? Why would the e-mail bounce back? Sounded good but I think I need to go to my bank and file a fraudulent claim against these charges and get my money back. Hassle and a waste of time and guess it's true (again) if it sounds too good then it is. What someone needs to do is find these people and give them a visit. Good luck to the rest of you. I'm out of this!
  • I registered on Home Profits Online it didn't give me any registration number. Please can any one help me with customer service number or how to contact Home Profits Online I have paid $97.95 thinking i will earn something.
  • Yes, Home Profits online seems to me too good to be true! Whenever it sounds too good to be true...it is! I will NOT get involved with HOME PROFITS...It seems like a SCAM. Why don't they give you contact information when they try to get you to sign up, so you can call them BEFORE they rip you off when you "give" them your $97.95 !!!

    Seems like a SCAM !!!!
  • This company spammed my email twice by going into my email account & emailing everyone I've ever contacted. The email told people that I had declared bankruptcy & turned to them for a solution. I have a high credit score, have never applied for bankruptcy & never visited their site or opened an email from them prior to this occurring & I heard from friends/family that they got the emails. I'm not sure how they placed the virus on my system, but I plan to report them to the BBB & Attorney General's office.
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