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Home Revenue StreamThe Home Revenue Stream program, sold at HomeRevenueStreamSystem.com, is a new work at home opportunity from Michelle Mathews, the work at home “expert” behind Home Online Jobs. Very similar to her other recommended work at home jobs, Mathews is claiming that her customers can make up to $225/hour “posting links.”

The “posting links” scam has a long history in the work at home job field.  An untold number of people’s money was taken with the promise that they would receive a job posting links for companies and, like Home Revenue Stream claims, that they would be paid an average of $15 per link they posted.

The reality is that this just a form of affiliate marketing, where if someone clicks on your link and purchases a product from a retailer, you receive a commission from that sale.  That is not being paid to post links.  That is making commissions on sales.  In addition, it’s a home business opportunity, not a job working for any major company posting their links for them.

In addition to making many misleading claims about the job opportunity they are selling, Home Revenue Stream also makes misleading claims about the cost of the program.  They say that their customers will be charged a one time fee of $97.00.  But if you read their Terms & Conditions, you’ll see that Home Revenue Stream is a division of Fast Income Pro, another work at home opportunity that Reviewopedia has questioned for their shady business practices.

Just like with Fast Income Pro, Home Revenue Stream will actually charge you $197.00, $100.00 more than they say, and then you will be required to contact them for a $100.00 rebate within the first 90 days of your purchase.  In addition, you will be charged $9.95 15 days after your initial $197.00 charge, and every 30 days after that as well.

Further reading into the Terms & Conditions shows that Home Revenue Stream has no refund policy, which is especially a problem when they are planning on charging you more than double what they claim on their sales page.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • SCAM and worst they sell your name and number to millions of other companies. I get between 6 and 10 calls a day now 7 days a week from other work from home companies.

    I am so upset. I requested my $77 back. They get a attitude with you and talk to you as if you are the problem.

    After I paid the money a few days later I got a call from two different men. The second guy said I did not qualify because I am not hard up. I have no debit and I was not looking to make tons of money. I signed up for possibly making a few thousand a month with a few hours a week. Once you sign up they want to sell you more and more things. more and more money to be spent to make money.


  • It is fraud due to the facts. I started receiving email and phone call to buy this and purchase that. And when I ask for a number to cancel or ask to cancel they hang up, and the number they left did not work. An answering machine will post ,that there server do not work and call later or leave a message. Still in the process to get my $98 back.
  • The same thing happen to me. The membership price was cut to $49.99. I paid it but when I found out that my trusted friend was not the one that sent me the email about this home business and that her email was somewhat compromised. I requested a full refund in less than 24 hours. I had to go to an article posted by reviewopedia that posted a number for customer service the person who assisted me guaranteed my full refund in 5-10 days and sent me an online

    Refund was issued @ Jun 21, 2011 20:32 PM EST -49.99 USD

    I really was not thinking about a home base business until I got this email. I do appreciate this Website.
  • Almost got sucked into this scam until I read this article and the other comments above.
  • This is a work at home scam.I called my credit card co. Part of my money was refunded (69.00) However, my 97.00 was not refunded claiming that my 97.00 will be refunded after 8 wks. THIS A SCAM ALL THE WAY. I don't mind putting my name.

    Juanita Mumford
  • I contacted Pro-Income and signed up for it. A week later I had to call and cancel and when I asked for my refund it was refused. The reason is they said you absolutely have to work the program for 2 months and then in the next 2 months you can ask for a refund. I told them I had to leave my home province and go to another as my 84 year old mother had a stroke and I had to go. There is no provision for cancellation before the first 2 months YOU MUST WORK THE PROGRAM. They did cancel the monthly approx $10 fee but no refund. Do not go anywhere this company or anything called Home Stream Revenue.
  • I had almost got sucked in by these people and when i went to navigate away from the page when they wanted my credit card info they cut their price in half to $49.95 which made me weary. I would like to find a legitimate site and work from home but who do you trust?
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