Home Wealth Academy Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Home Wealth AcademyHome Wealth Academy is the latest version of a popular online sales scheme that’s been going around for many months now.  The kit claims to show you how to make money online but when you sign up you get much more than you bargained for.

The first warning sign for Home Wealth Academy is in the manner in which it’s advertised.  The owners and affiliates use a slew of fake news sites to sell this kit.  These news sites are designed to look like real online publications and feature a story of a young stay home who’s been using the kit (whatever they’re calling it at the time) to make a fortune online.

They take it one step further by using IP reading scripts to customize the news paper based on your location.  So whoever reads about the Home Wealth Academy the article will be geographically customized claiming that the stay home Mom lives in your town.

These are all very deceiving sales tactics and legitimate courses would never stoop that low to sell their products.  This is only just one of several warnings that should have you thinking twice about the Home Wealth Academy.

So is the Home Wealth Academy a Scam?

In addition to the sneaky advertising methods they also make use of a billing policy that has bilked thousands of customers of their hard earned money.  They have set up their program as a 4 day trial, which if not canceled initiates a monthly charge.

Here are their terms for ordering…

By placing my order I agree to the Terms of Offer (Home Wealth Academy), which explain this order includes the above for just $2.97activation and processing fees. If you enjoy the 4-days trial and continue your path to making money, you will be billed a monthly $68.73 maintenance fee that will maintain your full access to our entire money making program. You may cancel anytime during the program or trial by calling: (888) 830-5820 and you will not be billed any further charges.

There are many problems with this setup, primarily a lot of folks simply don’t see this fine print and unknowingly incur these monthly charges.  Second, they only give you 4 days to decide whether you want the course or not and that’s with absolutely no initial explanation of what you’ll be doing.

It’s pretty clear that the owners of Home Wealth Academy are only interested in collecting this monthly fee from as many people as possible.  If you dig through their terms and conditions they also reveal that the monthly fee is not refundable, you can only cancel future payments.

The bottom line is that in the many months these kits have been in operation, they’ve generated thousands of complaints and no positive feedback.  Some of the most common complaints included everything from difficulty in canceling, poor training materials, and solicitation for additional costly training.

If you need to contact the Home Wealth Academy you can do so, at: 1 (888) 830-5820 7 days a week between 9AM and 9PM EST.  They’ve also listed a Florida address but it appears to be a Fedx office.

Home Wealth Academy
12955 Biscayne Blvd.,
Miami, FL, 33181

It should be pretty clear that the Home Wealth Academy is not recommend, you can find much better and cheaper affiliate marketing training without dealing with false advertising and inflated monthly bills.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Be very careful of this program. I worked for a hotel where they hosted their classes for a few months. Without giving details of where and when, I was able to see the type of clientele they attracted: hard working, honest, and most of all naive individuals.

    The organizers themselves along with the owner have scammed the hotel for thousands of dollars and left without settling their bill. They show up with their speakers promising to pay all charges and leave without settling their bills. They do great in terms of marketing collateral but do not let yourselves be scammed. There are plenty of other honest and easy means where a little hard work can yield good results; this isn't one of them by far!
  • This Wealth Academy is to sell you to attend their so-called 3-day or 4-day classes which cost you USD$X,000 and each of you who sell this class will share a commission. The owner of course have a share of the commission too. It's not actually a product or service but attract you by saying that there will be ways to do online business successfully. The way they make profit (out of you) is to sell you training courses. Same trick has been used in the US for over 20 years but this time they package it nicely by holding seminar, free-3-hour training session and lock you in the room and sell you the expensive training courses.
  • I responded to a HOME CASHFLOW CLUB (HCC), "Posting Online Links" internet investing opportunity.

    This was a fake, false and fraudulent scam which lead to OWA (ONLINE WEALTH ACADEMY). I contacted HCC and ashared with them that I believed their website had been HACKED when OWA continually contacted me. I finally told OWA that their tactics, while possibly legal, were definitely unethical- and I would not like to hear from them again!

    They used a local phone number(in KY) from their headquarters in Wyoming. They continued to call afterwards. Now, 4 months later, OWA started calling again! daily... for the last month!

    STAY AWAY from these folks- don't give them "the time of day" let alone any money!!!
  • I am so very thankful for Goggle and this listing. They wanted to open a business for me selling product on eBay for only $13,900. For their coaching, software and website assistance. Thank the Lord, I took the time to investigate them.
    • We you go to see if its legit you have to read the reviews and whether its legit the reviewer could be working for that scam and there for giving it a glowing review
  • Hi, they deducted some 7200 INR from my account without my acceptance. Is there anyway to get back that money?.

  • hi, I signed up on Wealth Online Academy. how can I get out ??
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