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Home Wealth Formula, by Mark Starr, is a new work at home business promoting a link posting opportunity. According to their site, you will be paid an average of $15 per link you post for a major corporation. Their math shows that you can earn almost $60,000 a year posting links for just one hour a day.

Unfortunately, this is incredibly misleading. Home Wealth Formula has purposefully left out many of the details involved in link posting to make it seem like an easier, more profitable opportunity.

Link posting is actually a form of affiliate marketing. You are posting links for other companies, however, you must pay to post these links. And after you have paid money to post these links, you will only be paid after someone not only clicks the link, but the purchases the product that link is promoting.

So, not only do you not get paid to post a link (but rather earn a commission when a product is purchased) you also must pay your own money to post that link.  This means you actually have a chance to lose money on this opportunity, which is not mentioned anywhere on the Home Wealth Formula website.

Link Posting Certification

Over the past six months to a year, the “link posting certification” class has become one of the biggest markers of a scam.  First of all, you need no certification to post links.  Anyone can do it at any time, and all they have to do is join up with Google AdWords.  In fact, the Google AdWords program will give you pretty much all the knowledge you need to use their program for free.

In addition, link posting has been around so long and is such a cornerstone of affiliate marketing at this point, you can head to almost any online forum searching for info on link posting and likely find much more sophisticated and helpful information from real world affiliate marketers then you will find in this “link posting certification” class.

Second, every company claims that they have “the only certified program in the world,” when, in fact, tons of companies are offering this worthless certification.  These companies have to find a reason to make you pay them for information that you could easily find for free, so they have created this program. Fortunately for us, this program has become a clear sign that potential customers should just walk away.

Other Red Flags

Another red flag against Home Wealth Formula is that the website is being advertised by a multitude of fake news sites. Fake news sites are promotional advertisements made to look like online newspapers.  This is intended to trick people into believing that advertising claims and slogans should be taken as fact. Companies that entice customers through the use of fake news sites are nearly always scams.

Yet another red flag for Home Wealth Formula is that their payment page security verification tags are simply photos, cut and pasted from another website.  If they were legitimate, they would act as links taking you to another page which explained the security verification process.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Wealth Formula " is 1.09 out of 5 based on 65 reviews.
  • What a joke!!!!! DON'T DO IT.....DON'T DO IT!! I actually thought about it and before I did I called my brother and asked him if he thought this crap was for real and he said he never sent me the email. I somehow knew in my gut that it wasn't for real because my brother isn't a real big email fan.

    I can't believe these scam artists and unfortunately people still fall for it.
  • Guys if it sounds too good to be true then it always is. Scammers prey on ignorance, so get informed before you make any decision concerning money or personnel information.
  • Thank you, just started my research and negative reviews all over internet about this work at home, although sounds too good to be true. Actually in China i think those scammers would not last long, they hang them there for being a parasite.Totally useless, totally useless for the economy etc.Those people have to be punished for their scam. Arrest and send them to jail, they belong there.
  • Their "Contact Us" at the bottom of this sites page does not exist

    and it returns as not a users address.

    Yeah, IT IS A SCAM.
  • DONT DO IT DONT DO IT DONT DO IT. man these SCAM ARTISTS almost got me. Luckily the 1st time i decided to double check i see this website. Thanks everyone because i almost wasted the last $100 i had in my account. I must say they are pretty damn good cause i just sat here til 1 in the morning reading the whole thing. i hate people that get my hopes up. I hope these people lose everything they have for making people who are struggling and are in a grind right now get their hopes up. I just don't trust anything online anymore.
  • I also got an e-mail from a friend and almost hit the purchase button. Then decided to do some research. No personal info on Michelle Starr and my friend never sent me the E-mail. So glad for this site, it saved me $$$ and any other stress I would experience once I found out this was a scam. I just don't understand why we do this stuff....
  • I looked for the name Michelle Starr on the internet and it does not show anything about her, I mean who is she, the only thing that I found is a photograph without any information at all. That means nothing.

    • How do they tie up my friend with me? Are they using something like Facebook or does she have a virus on her PC?

    • Who is Michelle Star? The writer of the column is, if that is who you are commenting about, Mark Starr.
  • THANK YOU!!! I was going to buy this. Sooooo glad I looked and found you HONEST people! I have 2 little girls. If they would have stolen MY MONEY I can't even say what I would do if I could find one of them!! Shame on you scammers!! And thanks again to all of you.
  • It's so convincing n actually if it wasn't for my 2 friends, one who got the email from a supposed friend, to tell me to wait till she contacted him and a second whose credit card I was going to use but she called me to tell me that she was going to use the money. Then that's when I decided to Google search this Michelle and I found nothing about her but this page where u r all warning of those goons. Thank you
  • I can tell you, this company is up to no good, period...
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