IM John Chow Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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IM John Chow, found online at, is a new educational and training program available from well-known internet marketing guru John Chow which promises to teach people how to make money from home.

Though the website says the price of this program is $47, the program is actually a monthly membership program, and is priced at $47 per month, for as long as you choose to be a member.

This product is sold through the Clickbank marketplace, which means that customers who make the initial purchase and are unhappy with what they receive have up to 60 days to cancel their membership and request a refund.

What to Expect from IM John Chow?

According to their website, this program is not about hype and “getting rich quick.” Rather, the real goal of this program is to provide people with a clean, clear step-by-step program that will genuinely teach them how to be successful with internet marketing.

Though this program is generally characterized as a follow up from his previous program, Blogging with John Chow, the reality the steps and video lessons are provided to members slowly, in a format where you are expected to accomplish steps in a certain order before moving on.

This format is intended to really help make sure that people do things in a particular order so that they are learning all the basics and necessary ins-and-outs of internet marketing, without rushing through or skipping steps just to quickly “get to making money.”

The Concerns

Without a doubt, John Chow is acknowledged as a successful internet marketer who has previously created well liked training programs for budding internet entrepreneurs. However, there are still some issues people may have.

First, the format of this program slowly issuing the lessons and assignments has an honorable purpose, but since this program has a monthly cost of $47 for “as long as you are a member” this could cause a problem. People are unable to move at their own pace, which can be frustrating, and the program is clearly designed to accommodate beginners, meaning that people with some internet marketing experience will need to simply wait through the early stages, all while paying monthly fees.

Also, other reviewers have noted that essentially all of the content of this program is provided in video segments, without any written transcripts, which could be a problem for people who benefit from actually seeing the steps written out, as opposed to hearing them, or for people who may be trying to do the lessons while on a lunch break or other similar circumstance.

Though none of these issues make this a “bad” program, it just means that people should consider their personal needs when determining whether this program is right for them.

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