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IM Software Suite


The IM Software Suite is a new “money-getting” software product by Richard Smart which is currently being made available for free to people who are willing to be “beta testers.”

According to the website, though this software would normally be priced between $37 and $47, if you sign up as a beta tester, you will receive the software along with all of its earning capacity completely free. You will not even be required to provide a credit card number.

The job of a beta tester for this company will be to use the software on a regular basis and utilize all the money making features while keeping all the profits, as long as you provide them with feedback about problems with the software and share with them your “success story.”

How It Works

After you download the software – if you are accepted as a beta tester – you will get a full money making system, including a website with multiple squeeze pages, two products to sell, multiple affiliate products, and much more.

The IM Software Suite is described as a “fully automated” money making system which will sell your products for you. And as these products are sold, all the money you make is yours to keep.

The website says that you must set up a PayPal account that you can register with them, and all the money you earn will be taken from the software suite and deposited directly into that account.

What To Be Aware Of

First, when dealing with a program that describes itself as “fully automated,” you should automatically be cautious and critical. No income stream is completely passive, with zero time and effort on your part. When a product markets itself that way, it’s misleading.

Another problem with “fully automated” programs which provide you with everything is that you do not actually own the money making opportunity you are using. This means that if you ever decide to leave this software, you will lose your website and any work you’ve done.

Second, after you sign up to be a beta tester, you will be redirected to other pages selling further products. These products will be marketed as having large value and small price tags, as well as being perfectly tailored to help you be most successful in your money earning endeavors.

Finally, this website does not offer you Terms & Conditions or a Privacy Policy, so you have no way of knowing what they are doing with the information you give them. Not providing their consumers with these important policies is also a bad sign.

All money making opportunities should be individually assessed, but since one of the requirements of beta testers is that they do not tell anyone what they are doing until after the software drops in 90 days, you will be unlikely to find any first person reviews of this program.

If you are still interested in trying this software, try the completely free version without purchasing any add-ons, in order to protect yourself.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " IM Software Suite " is 2.3 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • Jeff I successfully signed up with them, and received my squeeze page software from them. They did even have training videos just like Wealthy Affiliate does now. They wanted to charge 97.00 for their affiliated web hosting service ispy, but you could use godaddy too. You will have to know how to set everything up yourself, however, if you don't use their service. I was broke so I couldn't afford it at the time so I tried to use, but my file was too large to load on their service. I just found another free web hosting service that claims there will be no caps on data that can be uploaded and no banner ads on your site. It is called I wanted to try to use it with the sqeeze page, but can no longer find I didn't pay a dime though they tried to get me to purchase other products for sure. I signed up as a beta tester so it was definitely real. Whether you could make money with I never got to find out, but if I find it again I will ask them if it is okay to post screen shots of my work and answer everyone's questions on here. I will let them know you guys think they are a scam so this might make them receptive to letting me do this.
  • I also signed up for this IMSS program and I'm at the part to download and install. I wondered myself why I had to use their hosting company when I have Godaddy for a year that costed me $7 bucks! This company wanted me to pay $90.00 up front for a year for their hosting company. NOT! When i talked with they told me I could use their hosting company anywhere I want to in setting up a new business.

    I have not paid any money whatsoever to this IMSS Company thus far. I came to read about any types of scams before i went any further to download it. I was trying to see if anyone ever made a dime from this company yet!. Since January this year...I've been going crazy with hundreds of emails both in Junk and reg. email folders with every type of IM business out there. No possible way I can keep up with these emails. I tried out many different programs. Never have I made one penny online yet. Either i was being scammed or no one to contact and I'd be stuck for ever in a certain area with a program.

    I hate this submit a ticket crap. I never get a response that actually helped me. And when I did get a response? You might think I wrote them in a foreign language my question, because their answers are never related to my problems!

    I really do feel that in this business to make good money and honest money? You have to know someone who's at the top and can take you by the hand and talk you through it all. Getting bits and pieces of a program you're trying to use? Only gets you more confused. It's best to learn about every single thing you're doing has your moving along forward. That's why it helps to know someone in this business. OH and I love how you listen to a long dragged out video of someone boasting and bragging showing off all their cars and mansion and pools on the beach front and tell you that their program is: free, free, free, and then after the video is over? The bottom line is: Only cost you $297-$397.00 if you want the elite package and everything is done for you.

    I myself have an illness with no cure and it a debilitating illness. So it's not like money is coming off the trees in my yard here. I can't tell you how many long dragged out talking way too much videos I've watched and after it's over and I'm all excited to get into this program I'm watching it sounds so good! It never fails. I've landed up in tears every single time once the video is over with all the money they actually want. Then some have nerve to put you down cause you refuse to pay the high prices and you click on the leave page and the message pops up to stay on that page and they'll give you a discount and that continues on for 4 clicks to get off the page. They keep lowering their price. That just goes to show you how jacked up the price is for their programs to start with. Where can we find good honest programs that do work and have little start up cost and are easy to understand? I just don't get it anymore. I want to throw in the towel.

    God Bless You All who do make it in this business. And for those who don't like myself? Don't give up on yourself. Knowledge is power!
    • Hello Christine, try with Wealthy Affiliate. Is free to join and you learn all about internet buisiness or with Internet Income University
  • It sounded a little to good to be true. Thankfully we had a thunderstorm and I lost power. Before going back to the site, did a little research which stopped me from going any further.
  • Peter that happened to me and I tried 3 times so I clicked off the page and it took me to a page that said welcome and I was in.

    The installation on your own host is in the members area and they make it look easy... I haven't tried it as yet.
  • A few things I see ALREADY: ALL of the comments ABOVE suspect! When you READ the comments, they dont make sense: " They claim that Get the system free are accepted as a beta tester" ????? These are apparnetly AUTO GENERATED comments. This WHOLE SYSTEM is designed to TAKE YOUR MONEY! Face it PEOPLE: ITS not 1995 anymore, if you are not on the level of FB, Twitter, YOUTUBE: You wont MAKE the money online you think you will, sorry. The game is already Sewn up!
    • Sorry Charlie my name is stan and i thought the same thing except i followed the directions and didn't give up and it is a well buit, professional buit system and its awesome,,, it is a little difficult for a new person but i did it..\\

    • WebDeveleper, thank you very much for talking straight and to the point! How many people have to suffer at the expense of these snakes in the grass? We should set up advice agencies online that would inform and educate individuals who are honestly seeking work. This way we would build a partition of defense against them. Thanks for your advice...I can use it!!
  • They claim that Get the system free are accepted as a beta tester – you will get a full money making system, including a website with multiple squeeze pages, two products to sell, multiple affiliate products, and much more. After get into the system found out not what they claim. I paid $17.00. What they said in their video is not true. Live chat I cenel out my service they email back claim not in their system. I call the company phone 1-855-227-5576 no answer I left message.

    I used my prepaid card the company name: THE 2:20 COMPANIES.
    • oh boy I was just on the phone with a mentor! I have to pay 200.00 for them to help me for 180 days... is this normal? would you consider this a scam??? im new at the internet need advice what should I do!!!
  • Addition to earlier response to Jeff.

    Not wanting to purchase hosting elsewhere since I already have deluxe hosting with GoDaddy for another one of my internet ventures, I thought also get a friend who is very tech savvy to help me with the installation and set up process, but he too found it extremely convoluted. If you're a complete newbie at Internet Marketing set up, this may not be what you're looking for, as it seems designed to make you want to use their partner hosting company, or pay $97 to get them to set it up for you with your own web host. Please note, I'm not saying that the system doesn't work, it may or may not. If you're an expert in setting these things up, then maybe you'd have better luck than I did.
  • Reply to Jeff

    You have to use their hosting partner...a company called iSpyhosting. Honestly I found the whole system to convoluted to set up. I already have a deluxe hosting pakage with GoDaddy and IMSS said i could use that, but I would have to do the installation myself or pay them $97. to do it for me if I chose to use GoDaddy. If I used iSpy then one of their technicians would do it free...
  • when invite and filling out the registration form it would not move to the second page.....................USELESS
  • Do they provide the hosting? Have a contact who wants to know.
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