In Home Cash Generator Reviews – Legit or Scam?

In Home Cash GeneratorThe link to In Home Cash Generator can be found on one of the most deceptive online advertisements currently in rotation.  This online “news” ad has been used many times to sell a variety of make money from home schemes.

Over the years it’s been fine tuned to such a degree that the amount of people who fall for it is incredible.   The creators make use of clever tricks and tools to convince you that the ad is actually a real news report and the product featured will actually help you make money.

In reality the ad is completely fabricated; the news organization does not exist, Kelly Richards is not a real person, and the supposed comments were not left by real people.  And it is definitely not a coincidence that the comments section is closed.

In addition to all the bogus info and graphics used to duplicate a real news site the website uses an IP reading script to custom tailor the ad to your location.  What this does is make the newspaper appear to be from your home town as well as suggesting that you and the successful Kelly Richards share a zip code.

This is all done to sell you on the idea that In Home Cash Generator is a legit way to make money online.  However, what you don’t know is that this gimmick has been run over and over again throughout the past couple years.

The news paper ad stays relatively unchanged but the name of the business kit repeatedly changes, In Home Cash Generator just happens to be the latest.  The reason for this is quite simple; the owners of the program need to stay ahead of their negative press.

If you were to search the titles of some of their former kits you’ll find thousands of complaints about the product itself along with their billing policy.  The main complaint against programs like In Home Cash Generator is that they entice customers with a really low trial fee, hiding the full cost of the program in their terms and conditions.

While technically legal this type of billing is very unethical as many people tend to overlook the terms and end up incurring huge charges that they normally wouldn’t agree to.  In this case the terms for In Home Cash Generator are quite shocking.

Here is the refund policy for

If you cancel within the 48 hour you will have no further obligation. If after the 48 hour order verification process you do not want to continue you will have 30 days to request a refund. We will gladly refund half of your 199.95 site access fee no questions asked. Once your refund has been issued you will be locked out of the content area.

Not only do they give you almost no time to decide whether their content is worth the money or not but they refuse to issue full refunds past the 48hr period.  They purposefully bury all this info in their T&C because no one would ever buy into this without at least a full 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

This is why courses like In Home Cash Generator elicit so much negative feedback.  From the way their billing is setup it’s very clear that they’re just trying to line their pockets first, and worry about your actual success second.

There is plenty of information about making money from home available free of charge, and the majority of paid internet training courses have a 60 day money back guarantee.  Knowing all this there’s no reason to take a gamble on In Home Cash Generator.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I too am glad that I researched this before actually buying. I am sorry for those that have been scammed and I hope you put forth the effort and come together and sue these people. Do not let them get away with taking people's money.I am angry.I want them to be convicted for this crime.
  • Make a million super fast!
  • Lodge a complaint with paypal
  • I just found out that you CAN"T file a civil suit against them in their terms and conditions you agree not to be apart of such a thing instead you have to file a dispute with a arbitrator who you have to pay 120.00 more dollars to and you have to at some point travel somewhere to get the final answer. so to all who fell for it they Screwed us good!
  • I'm still working with the BBB trying to get my money back.i put this link in the report so they can read whats going on for themselves.If you havent reported these scammers please go to and click file a report.these people operate out of clearwater Fla. Please don't let these people get away with this.File the complaint its very easy.Thank you MARK
  • Correction, they are still in business. Now they are under the website They charge $3.95 for a 2 day trial. They are also offering a 99 cent special to lure you into unkwowingly paying the $199.95.
  • I got suckered by these scam artist before Christmas.(Merry Christmas to Me!) LOL My bank allowed them to take my money because when the bank is given the website information that clearly states the T and C's. They don't see that we were fooled by a news article and don't have access to the website until after they take your money. So we just look like a fool! I just receive my complaint response from the BBB. While reponding to that, I looked up In Home Cash Generator. They are no longer offering it. Looks like we're SOL!
  • Don't do it...It is a SCAM. They won't answer the phone & you can't leave a message...I am working with Wachovia to try to get money back...not looking so good...I left Shawn message after message he won't call back.
  • Thank you so much for this article and explaining the gimmick they use! I was about to be fooled because it looked real, CNN site and Kelly was in my city!! I almost bought into it and I'm not gullible. I thought CNN was a reputable site, but didn't realize how the article could be a scam all together. Thank you thank you!!
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