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InboxPounds, found at, is the new version of Inbox Dollars, a rewards website that allows members to earn money for doing their regular activities online, which is available in the United Kingdom.

Rewards websites allow members to sign up for free, and then pay them in either cash or prizes for doing the things they would normally do online anyway. At InboxPounds, you earn cash for the activities you perform, and you can cash out when you reach 20 pounds.

Rewards websites are able to pay their users because they partner with other companies who will use you for market research and feedback. This allows them a wide audience for study, and better enables them to make choices about their products, services, and marketing in the future.

How You Earn Money

InboxPounds says that you can earn money by reading emails, searching the web, taking surveys, playing games, and much more. And while it may seem hard to believe, it’s true. And you can sign up for free.

What they don’t say up front, however, is that the amount of money you will earn for doing is just a couple cents per activity you perform. This means that it will take quite awhile to earn 20 pounds.

This doesn’t mean that rewards websites aren’t worth it, however. Since the theory is that you are just supposed to be doing things you would be doing anyway, any money you earn is a bonus. This is not intended to replace your normal income.

The Concerns

With rewards websites like InboxPounds, however, there are a couple things to look out for. Since they will be paying you to read emails, you may want to sign up for a separate email account just for this purpose.

These emails may also give you opportunities to earn even more cash by signing up for special offers, products, or service trials. However, you must be very careful. Often these offers will cost you money in the end, because the trial subscriptions will often roll over into monthly fees, so it’s important to read the fine print.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " InboxPounds " is 2.35 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.
  • Certainly a survey company to avoid Waste time up to 25 minutes only to be told that you are not an appropriate surveyee. Many better survey companies available
  • Just be careful if you sign up to free trials you may be charged at the end of the trail. This caught me out with UK credit ratings n I couldnt get my fee refunded
  • Hi,thought I,d tell you how excellent and addictive this site is! It has totally changed my way of life.Not sure about some of the sites though, but I really enjoy spending my spare time looking into it!
  • inbox pounds is legitimate , , however the surveys are not there's they route you to them they are a 3rd party, just keep trying and be "consistent ! " with THE "info ? " you supply and can make make £2 a day no problem
  • does anybody know if the cheque gets sent to your house xox?.
  • i have had a few cheques but this site is a right con it takes ages to get 20 pounds as for being a gold member it taakes ages to get a survey then they screen you out and i have noticed if there is a survey over a pound they never let you answer it they screen you out its all a scam
  • Lying and cheating company. Just now finished aprrox. 30 min survey and they told me that I earn nothing cos my criteria doesnot fit. And it is not first time. Seems to earn these 20 pounds is mission impossible.
    • i never qualify for surveys and paid email is only 1 pence scam they are just wasting ure time i have been on it for 1 year and only on 10 pound
  • The site can really give you some extra money if you know how to use it (here is a screenshot from my account with all the cheques I've received from them:
  • I do not no what you people are doing but i've had a few cheques now all legit anyway i've got 106 pound in my inbox pounds account ready to be sent out in a cheque if i wish I reccomend this site yes it takes time and you get screened out quite a lot but bare with it trust me it does add up
    • Cash in your payment. Every time you request a payment you will receive £1 bonus. By requesting payment for every £20 you could have earned an extra £5 in bonuses.

      This site is not a secured savings account. If the rules are changed or the site is closed you will receive none of the £106 that you have accumulated.

      Take the money and put it in a proper bank account, or have it transferred to a Paypal account where there is protection from loss.
    • How long did it take for you to earn £106?
    • How do you earn so much? I've only got £4
  • InboxPounds, a great way to earn extra cash! I only use it for searching, getting 15 pence in one day is not much, but at least your getting something!
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