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Income Edu, found online at, is a website which describes itself as providing “cutting edge high quality marketing content that anyone can afford” for a monthly membership fee.

They promise that both the content and the third party programs that are promoted on their website can be utilized by beginning marketers, as well as advanced internet marketers who have been working in this field for a long time.

To become a member of their website and see what information they have to offer, you can take advantage of a 14 day trial for a processing fee of just $1. After that, the cost is $49.95 per month.

A Three Step System

According to their website, Income Edu offers a three step system. The first step consists of “in depth research,” where their team of researchers investigates methods of making money online which they describe as “revolutionary and cost effective.”

The second step is when they test the system they have found to see if it meets two areas of criteria. The first is that the system can be successful in making money, and the second is that it must be simple to replicate.

And the final, third step, is about education. The company wants systems that have “cutting edge content” but that can be taught in easy ways to best benefit their members.

What You Get

They promise you access to four high quality products per month, including things like mobile marketing, marketing on Amazon, product creation, social media, getting traffic, and more.

They also promise two live content training webinars per month, as well as a full time support staff that can help you with questions or issues as they arise.

People who are considering membership should remember that anytime you are given an opportunity to buy new products or make new investments, especially from third party sources, you should always investigate the Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand cancellation and refund policies, should you need them.

You’ll also want to research individual products from sources that are not affiliates. This means sources which will not receive money or a commission from endorsing the products they are reviewing.

Sometimes identifying these sources is difficult – one of the easiest ways to tell if they receive money is when they endorse a product and give you a link to click on to purchase it. That usually means they are receiving commissions for their recommendations. Only after doing these two things should you consider making additional purchases or investments.

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