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from 13 reviews Review It is a jobs board that acts as an aggregate to get the most active job postings available on the web. They get information from major job boards like, as well as employer websites and online classifieds.

When searching for jobs on, there is no advanced search feature to help narrow down your results, therefore it is important that you know the best job title to search for to find the most appropriate results.

If you choose, Indeed can email you a daily update with jobs that fit what you are searching for, and you can look at estimated salary offers of jobs as well as job trends that are being tracked by the board.

You can search jobs and post your own resume for employers to see on Indeed, and these services are available at Indeed for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Indeed " is 1.62 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.
  • Scam alert!!! ,stay away from indeed.
  • They post the same jobs everyday. My son repeatedly applied online and never got a response at all-Are they just collecting information about people?
  • Filled with scam jobs that lure you into emailing your resume to a phony money launderer who wants you to be his errand boy or girl.

    I've gotten jobs through Indeed, but now the good is interweaved with the bad. You don't know what is a real job versus a phony one.

    No more.
  • it's a profesional scam
  • We have spent tens of thousands of dollars with this company they have no loyalty to their customers it took us years to get our ad correct and they just let people copy and paste our ads to their own sites without asking permission . We submitted a complaint they don’t respond back all they have is their marketing people respond back trying to get us to spend more and more money but when issues arise they ignore you for almost a month there is no address and never responded back . Companies like this will not last long with no printable’s .
  • This is true. Indeed is a rip-off!
  • I would like to give a 5 star rating, but cannot. In one week, we have received 40 resumes applying for a position we needed to fill as soon as possible. We called several in the group of resumes that we felt would fit best. 6 of the candidates called and set appointments - for next day or day after. Only one actually came to the schedule appointment. The others were no call/no show. Others did not return calls to setup an interview. But the biggest aggravation was the candidates who gave incorrect numbers, numbers that had been disconnected, resumes with no contact number and those whose voice mail boxes were full.

    Very frustrating. Now we are relying on friends and family to recommend candidates to us.
  • doesn't care about small businesses. We are a non profit and we pay per resume on their site. We had pre-paid for the month and last week I was sent an email that stated our membership was banned for life, no explanation. I called customer service to find out why, as our emails to potential candidates were always transparent and followed the guidelines. I was told by customer service they have no way of looking in to why we were banned and there is no way of receiving a refund on our payment. This is unacceptable.
  • There's way too many Temp Agencies on Indeed. I don't want a temp job. I need a full time career, not a job where I work a day, a week, a month then unemployed again. I've had an account on Indeed for almost a year now. I get more calls (some call like 10 times a day) from stupid Temp Agencies than actual employers. I have had one or two legitimate companies call me for an interview. Haven't found a job yet. I've heard that Craigslist jobs section has better results. They need to block temp agencies from using their site
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