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from 26 reviews Review It is a jobs board that acts as an aggregate to get the most active job postings available on the web. They get information from major job boards like, as well as employer websites and online classifieds.

When searching for jobs on, there is no advanced search feature to help narrow down your results, therefore it is important that you know the best job title to search for to find the most appropriate results.

If you choose, Indeed can email you a daily update with jobs that fit what you are searching for, and you can look at estimated salary offers of jobs as well as job trends that are being tracked by the board.

You can search jobs and post your own resume for employers to see on Indeed, and these services are available at Indeed for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Indeed " is 1.31 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.
  • They have charged me over $700.00 dollars I have not hired 1 employee yet, huge scam!
  • The indeed site is trash. It's impossible to communicate with job applicants. They don't respond, because a lot of them don't exist. Once I'd signed up, Indeed waited a week. Then they charged my credit card $777.76.

    Apparently, that's only half of what they're taking on top of whatever I owe them for job applications. I tried emailing them and calling their customer service. No-one is actually working on their phone lines. Every extension is just a vm.

    It's a fake website, with fake listings, which will steal your money. Do not do business with Indeed.
    • I completely agree with you. Just today 1/17/22 I had 5 confirmed interviews, through their msg system and NOT a single one shows up.

      This is a typical trend we are noticing. It's either, they need to prove to unemployment that they are searching for jobs to get their benefits or

      2. Indeed is a crock of sh** and has fake resumes.

      The only time they will talk to you on the phone is to change your ad so they make more money.
    • 1 or 2 things are happening here. Either A) you got scammed by a site pretending to be Indeed or B) you're lying in this review. I don't have 100% faith in some of the listings, but I can say they have NEVER asked for my credit information.

      $800 is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.
  • I think that most of the jobs on Indeed are not legit, or they are really old listings that are not vetted. It takes a lot of extra work to find jobs that are actually realistic. I'm going to delete my indeed profile and I suggest you all do the same.
  • Registered with Indeed to see about posting a job for my organisation. Within three days I've had 4 obviously fake messages along the lines of "we looked at your resume and it was great" even though I've put no personal details or uploaded a resume. All said they would use WhatsApp for interviewing, which is not an app that most professional organisations would use for such purposes. All emails displayed poor English, but referenced legitimate companies. None left email or phone contact information, and only 1 had a surname.

    This is definitely a site to be careful using. I've not had the same experience with other sites such as Seek, or LinkedIn.
  • Stay away. Apparently I had 29 candidates. Three actually had the qualifications specified and the rest didn’t. Not one turned up for an interview. Then over £200 taken from my account. For what? Absolutely ridiculous. Taking money for nothing.
  • I agree with the other numerous complaints. I believe Indeed itself is a scam. They give you these pre-tests for some of these jobs where the questions are irrelevant, timed & pretty much set you up to fail with 30 seconds to answer questions that require more thought or time unless you're a programmed robot. Almost all the jobs seem fake. I got a response from a couple places. One wanted me to install a virtual desktop on my personal computer and they literally only pay pennies. The other one I actually got hired, but I believe it's a psyop or they're literally harvesting people's information. It's an at home job with very poor training and lots of questionable activity. I've gotten paid, but I believe the goal is to force you to quit or not keep you around for long. Be careful. We are living in terrible times. There's no telling whats going on. Nothing is reliable anymore.
  • I interviewed with Indeed (actually with the company, not a job posting on their site for another organization-those were scams). Unless you have a friend there or you are an internal candidate - don't waste your time. They misled me and had me interview for two days with them, the hiring manager told me throughout the process that they would create a job for me (due to my skill set) and that funding was approved, they just didn't have the job description yet (I was interviewing for a manager role first, I continued interviewing for that and was told constantly about this other role they'd create just for me).

    Well, neither materialized and I requested feedback after all I had been told - the hiring manager said I was too optimistic and that they hired internally. So I was free consultation for them while they continually lied to me? My background is actually in the area of the job, the managers on the team came from unrelated areas...the hiring manager told me she got her first job there through a friend.

    Additionally, the recruiter was nice, but incompetent. She didn't answer questions, sent me a draft interview schedule asking if I could meet at 6am - when the final schedule had already been sent to me by another recruiter, and her interview prep was all wrong. The hiring manager didn't even know the recruiter was prepping candidates!

    Complete waste of time, unprofessional, and deceitful- the last interview ended with, "I look forward to working with you". Also, the company culture isn't quite what is touted - they said they were still expected to meet goals and work when huge storms took out their power and water!

    They also rejected my review on BBB - they clearly do not want the truth about their company out there for everyone to be aware of and avoid. I requested to know why it was rejected and received a response saying I didn't comply with certain rules - I have asked to see what those are so I may comply and submit another review. I was reached out to by a social media person and another recruiter - both had no solutions and are not in positions to actually do anything. AVOID INDEED.
  • Is indeed a Waste of Time!

    An earlier reviewer (WA) hit the nail right on the head and my review is for all job sites I've tried.

    For you younger hopefuls, there was a time when jobs were advertised in two ways:

    1. Using the Classified Ads section of the newspaper under the "Help Wanted" section. The Help Wanted ads usually provided the job title and a brief position description and some form of contact information (company address, or a contact name and telephone number). These ads were mostly local so if you wanted to find employment elsewhere in the country you would have to go to the library and see what newspapers from around the state and the country were carried and search their Help Wanted sections.

    If you found something, you would physically go to the Personnel Department (or whatever it was called back then) and fill out an application. Everything was done face-to-face. If you weren't hired you could still either call or stop by periodically to let Personnel know that you were still interested in the job or you were interested in working for the company. Being persistent could get you in the door.

    2. Hiring what used to be called a "head hunter (HH)". They were listed in the telephone book in the Yellow Pages. The HH was either paid by a company looking to hire or by the job-seeker ("JS"). A JS would meet face-to-face with the HH and be interviewed to get information, including, e.g., what skills and education they had, and what kind of job(s) they were looking for.

    The questions were open-ended and the interview was extremely helpful. The HH would ask the JS questions to tease out additional information for a better fit. Often there were times when a JS didn't realize how many qualifications they actually had. A JS also had a live person to call as needed. Of course, unless the HH came with a recommendation from friends there was no way of knowing if they were a scam. If you didn't know of someone who used a particular HH, the best way to protect yourself was to use an HH who was paid by a company. HHs did the searching for you, letting you know what was available and setting up an interview.

    Now with technology a company can place a job on one of these job boards ([email protected]), and anyone who is anywhere can apply. I read somewhere that a potential employer (or designee) spends an average of seven seconds looking at a résumé and that time quickly adds up when looking at résumés submitted from all over. To save time companies have software using AI on key words.

    I understand the need for speed in filling a vacancy but AI is useless. I've been out of work for four years and I have an extensive science background in both the public and private sectors. In all that time I found a job temping as a clerk for an insurance company. I'll bet that you guess what types of jobs came my way! Insurance-this, insurance-that. Not even working as clerical support in an insurance agency, these were jobs for insurance agents!

    I subscribed to's daily emails about available positions, and they were either for insurance agents or managers for stores or food-service establishments (at one time I inspected food-service establishments for a county health department). The listings included jobs that had been posted for two months or longer! Nothing else. After a few months' worth of nothing I canceled my account.

    A couple of days ago I looked for a job as a proofreader and found one listed on The job sounded great but I didn't want to receive essentially what is spam. Amazingly there was a way to apply directly from the company's website. I don't know if my qualifications will get me anywhere but if I am the selected candidate it will be no thanks to

    I've done searches on reviews and the average is four or five stars out of five with glowing reviews. I would love to be in a room of say 1000 people who used and find out how many actually got a job.

    As I said at the beginning this is review could be used for every job site that promised me the moon and sixpence.
  • I have used Indeed to search for a job this time for about a month, applying to over 70 jobs. I have done everything to comply to the job search, but have received no legitimate offers. I have received several scam offers, which seems to be all that are on Indeed. I received a text message from a supposed employer that showed it had over 500 applicants. The text came from a phone in New York, but the job was supposedly in Texas. I contacted the company directly to find out if this was a legitimate job, and they advised me they had been hacked. The job posting listed all of the company's legitimate information - e-mail, facebook info, etc. There needs to be a better way to determine if these jobs are legitimate. Now I'm getting text messages all day long and phone calls from all over the country on my cell phone. Indeed needs to make it more difficult to post a job by requiring some kind of security protocol that apparently doesn't exist now.
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