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InnoCurrent, found online at, is a paid-to-click website which promises people a way to earn money from home, doing things that they already do on a daily basis when using the internet. says that all that is required to earn money with their company is a love of browsing the internet and discovering new websites, and if you are able to spare a few minutes each day to go the websites they direct you to, then you’ll be able to earn money on a regular basis.

This company also promises that all new members are able to join completely for free, as they don’t believe that you should have to pay money in order to earn money.

How Does InnoCurrent Work?

Like most other PTC websites, members of InnoCurrent will sign into their membership account and see what websites are available to visit and what rates they will pay when you do.

They also provide their members with a generous member referral policy, saying that any members you successfully refer will result in you being paid additional earnings of 20% of what your referral earns.

Finally, you are able to withdraw your money either to a PayPal account, a Payza account, or in retailer gift cards if you choose, and InnoCurrent says that you must reach a minimum payout of $5.00 in order to withdraw. They say that they keep their minimum payout low so that members know that they are dedicated to compensating you for your work.

The Bottom Line

Pay-to-click websites are legitimate ways to easily earn money online with very little effort, but people should always be aware that the money they earn from these programs will be minimal at best, simply because of the easy, effortless nature of this work.

InnoCurrent also directs new and prospective members to investigate their online reputation to see how legitimate and well-liked they are in the PTC industry, and they are generally right – most of their reviews from PTC websites and from current or past members are positive.

The issue, though, is that this company pays high referral fees for current members who are able to bring in new members, which means members of this website have a monetary incentive to go online and provide this company with positive reviews, making these reviews seem a lot less convincing.

The bottom line with PTC websites, however, is always whether or not they actually pay their members and have a low minimum payout that can reasonably be reached by most members, and it seems like InnoCurrent meets both of these standards. There were some reports over the summer about delays in payment, but it appears that this has been fixed and the company is back to paying on time.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " InnoCurrent Reviews " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • Innocurrent does have higher daily average than other PTC sites, but this site, along with Ayuwage, have some serious issues. The most notable one is delayed payments. This has been pretty common over last couple of years. It appears that it takes 30 days or so to get paid from them. That is rather extreme, especially if you were just testing the site for a $5 payment in the first place. Having to wait this long for such a mere pittance is highly frustrating when people are using the site to make money.

    They said the delay in payments was caused by a shortage of staff. They claimed to have hired more staff about a month ago but the payment delays situation has not changed. Therefore, they lied.

    Another issue is somewhat unresponsive support. They just do not respond to support tickets, now especially if it pertains to pending payment.

    Due to these glaring issues, I stopped using both of those sites. In fact, I would not be surprised if they were taken offline before the end of this year. It is bad enough it takes far too long to reach $5 on Innocurrent, but once you put in your payment request you wait even longer to receive it. With PTC sites, there is usually no guarantee you will see any money at all from your hard work, and this is especially true of Ayuwage and Innocurrent, making the whole process far more difficult.

    Enough of my soliloquy...I recommend neither of these sites at the moment.
  • Signed up in October to Innocurrent, and Ayewage a few days later. They got away with $47.00 worth of work. Never paid me a dime, never assisted with any issues on their site, and never responded to the tickets I submitted. After trying to cashout $15.00 before working anymore to see if it was a legit site, waited 8 days and wrote to them telling them I hadn't received payment. Two days later they suspended my account permanently. Not just my Innocurrent account, but also my Ayewage account both for the same reason, even though I had not been working the Ayewage site but a few times. Here is the email I sent to them and guess what, that's right they never have responded. Innocurrent and Ayewage are getting paid to hire you, and getting free work by making up seasons to not pay you.


    Suspension reason / Direct Advertiser Complaint, Too Many Instructions Ignored [Explore Abuse - W]

    (Is the suspension our mistake? Explain why it is our mistake.)

    The Explore Site tasks haven't been working for the last 10 days, I had sent in tickets telling you of the issue, but not one time did I get a response. No email either. I posted my issues in the members forum, but they kept getting deleted with no help from any staff. The issues were as follows: First Issue / Several of the websites had no external links. No advertisements, nothing. Here are a few sites that would not work even though there were external links. I made note to avoid these sites. Here are just a few that I copied.





    credit cards for small businesses

    usa university


    I seen other members posting the same issue, and no staff response

    Second Issue / after clicking on the task and accepting it, website would load fine, copy and pasted the URL's as instructed into the innocurrent website and submitted the work. The page would just refresh it's self, no green banner saying success and no red banner for failure. No credits nothing!

    The Search Site:

    I also had issues with the search site not working properly, work was showing but after submitting the task it would say you've already been credited for this task. Why was it there if it was already done? And the Spanish website about scuba gear never worked, I followed the instructions but it always failed.

    The Email Site:

    Stopped sending out email.


    Started out at 150 credits per referral went I started, then to 320 a week or so later, to 380, to 400 credits per rented referral.


    I cashed out $15.00 on November 24, 2016 to my PayPal, but never received it, I submitted a ticket, but never got a response, never sent me any emails. I have attached a screenshot of the payment request

    I hope you will make this right and that it's not just a way to avoid paying people, and getting free work. You are getting paid by these companies. You should have the dignity and decency to pay the people who put their time and trust in you!

    I'll be waiting to hear from you. Sincerely Paul

    I have over a half million members on Facebook and will be doing a review.

  • Innocurrent = SCAM
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