Instant Cash Sweepstakes Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Instant Cash Sweepstakes is a market research business that provides their members surveys to complete for tickets and coins to enter into drawings and possibly win cash prizes.

Some of the surveys come from businesses that pay Instant Cash Sweepstakes to forward to their members for completion. The answers supplied through these surveys are typically used as a resource for these companies in future business decisions.

Surveys completed by members of win lottery tickets, coins, and instant cash prizes. Each member can complete only 5 surveys in any three hour window. To increase your chances of winning, complete surveys as often as possible to earn more tickets and coins to enter in drawings.

Inviting friends to join Instant Cash Sweepstakes is another way to increase your chances of winning. If any of your friends earn lottery tickets, coins, or win drawings and prizes, you will automatically be matched what they have earned. The only exception to the rule applies to the $50.00 daily lottery.

You can submit coins to participate in $2.00 drawings which are held every four hours. After each 4-hour drawing, you will need to submit more coins to any additional drawings you wish to enter in.

Cash winnings are only paid through a PayPal account, PayPal service fees are automatically deducted from your winnings. If you win over $600.00 in a year, you must submit a 1099 form for tax withholding purposes in accordance to Federal tax laws. Winnings over $600.00 will not be applied to your account until a completed 1099 has been submitted.

If you have the time to spend playing these games and submitting surveys, it may be a good time filler, but it is a wise decision to not rely on them to subsidize your income.

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