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Internet Careers Online is a new work from home training program being promoted by Kelly Scott, who claims that she can show people how to earn a living from the comfort of their own home.

According to the website, Kelly Scott is able to make more than double her old salary – which isn’t published – working just one to four hours per day, as little or as much as she pleases, all while being her own boss.

If customers are interested in following in her footsteps, they are invited to purchase her training program to learn how to “link post” for just $97.

How Does It Work?

Link posting is just another term for affiliate marketing, an independent business opportunity where people partner with other companies to post links online for their goods and services.

Whenever the links you post result in sale of that product or service, you will be paid a commission. This commission will be a pre-determined percentage of the price of the item you have linked to.

The website is not very clear about the nature of this business, making references to this being a “job opportunity” and describing it as working “for” search engines and major companies, but the truth is that this is an independent business opportunity and as such, comes with the challenges of beginning any business.

Is Internet Careers Online Legit?

In a word? No. While it is certainly true that people can and do make large amounts of money from affiliate marketing and link posting all the time, the reality that is that this company purposefully misrepresents the opportunity they are providing to users and attempts to sell them a training course under false pretenses.

The website makes claims like “the average amount you make per link is $15” and saying that it takes just 4 minutes to post a link. They encourage potential customers to use these numbers to estimate their daily and weekly earnings.

These numbers are completely meaningless and arbitrary. They are often thrown around by companies just like this in order to convince people to buy their training programs, but the truth is that affiliate marketing is an independent business which requires you to invest both time and money before you will ever actually begin earning a profit, and once you do your profits will vary greatly depending on the companies you are working with and the volume of clicks you generate.

While this company may have some decent information to impart to users, this unethical presentation of this business opportunity should keep users away. There are many different free resources online about this kind of work that you should read before you should invest in this kind of program.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Internet Careers Online Reviews " is 2.25 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
  • Thank you for you information it is totally a scam I paid $47 initially and just like the previous post they wanted me to invest more before the conversation would go further
    • They helped me build a website and it was AMAZING!!! I made a VERY SMALL minimum investment and am now making 6-7000$ per month selling my health and beauty products!!!!!
  • These people are completely unscrupulous scammers. They sell you an outdated, useless training model for $97 and then forward you to a coach that accesses your income, etc, and unless you can commit to sending $1000-$4000 they won't even continue the conversation. Rude and condescending to the point that they had the gall to ridicule a disabled veteran. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST, RUDEST SCAMMERS!!! BEWARE!
  • Today and yesterday, this company called me on my personal phone number. Would like to know how that was possible since I have never heard of them before now.
  • If this were legitimate, everyone would be doing it , right?

    In this world where people are desperately trying to keep their heads above water, pay their bills,raise their kids, maintain a decent credit score, why can’t people just be truthful? People that try to take advantage of others really suck.
  • Thanks for the information.Saved me some time and hassle.
  • Thank you for your honesty
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