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Is Nick Xavier Legit or a Scam?

Internet Cash is a new website promising people the secrets to work at home success.  Nick Xavier, the creator of Internet Cash Today, explains on his website how he started out in internet marketing as a custodian – a janitor – and quickly worked his way up with no computer experience to earning thousands of dollars a day.

After getting one-on-one assistance from someone in the building where he worked, Nick Xavier was able to set up “something” online within 10 minutes, and by the time he woke up in the morning he had already $753.00.

Nick Xavier claims that with his Internet Cash Today system, you are guaranteed to make at least $120,000 in the next six months.  And all he asks from you is your time, commitment, $37.00 for his system.

So is Nick Xavier a Scam?

Internet Cash Today seems dangerous.  It has all the earmarks of a common internet scam.  First of all, Nick Xavier “guarantees” that you will make $120,000 in the next six months.  This is absurd.  Unless Nick Xavier is offering you a job with a salary, no one can guarantee you that you will make that amount of money on a business venture in such a short period of time.  And the truth is, it’s not actually a guarantee, because if you fail to earn $120,000, Nick won’t actually give you anything or do anything for you.  It’s just a sales gimmick.

Other warning signs on this site include his use of popular Internet logos that don’t actually link to articles but are just cut and pasted onto his site, and his fake “countdowns” that are telling you how many people are on the site and how many kits he has left to sell.  Trust me, until this site is taken down, kits will be available to buy.

Also, Nick Xavier makes outrageous earnings claims on his own behalf.  Nobody works for ten minutes and creates a system of earnings equivalent to a thousand dollars a day.  If such a thing existed, do you think Nick Xavier would have been the guy to figure it out?  Try Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg instead.

Finally, Nick Xavier never once says what product you will get in exchange for your money, and his website has no Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions, and zero info on how to contact him or cancel your order if you are unsatisfied.  I find that very scary.  Someone this lax on protecting their own legal interest probably doesn’t have a lot of concern about protecting you.

Oddly enough, though, Internet Cash Today is a Clickbank product.  Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, in case you had purchased this program and now wished you hadn’t…

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • You all Are correct, But Anybody got refund? How ever Nick getting much of money because his site visits/hits are more// as per that also he can earn money...

    Am sure its a Scammmm!!!.. Don't do any more...
  • A scam
  • @Mike>>> Thanks for the heads up WITH THE D.C. Fawcett corp. Another sleeze bag outfit. They talk shop about a no questions asked money back guarantee....but the real catch in that is you have to accomplish certain tasks before they consider a refund. They shanked me in excess of THREE HUNDRED bucks. I am still considering a formal complaint to the FTC regarding their practises. STEER CLEAR OF D.C. FAWCETT Corp.
  • Nick (or Craig or....) must not be able to find a buyer for his site on Flippa.

    With the latest iteration if you keep clicking you can get the "secret" for free...well, almost. If you send DC Fawcett Corporation a measly one dollar you will get a starfish and "...a 14 day trial subscription into Freedom Alliance Network Membership. After your trial-enrollment expires, your card will be charged $97.00 per month."

    Of course, this is the "fine" print in case you forget to cancel!

    "There are no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. You may cancel anytime simply by calling our office toll free..."

    No doubt operators are standing by to cajole anyone into staying with the program. Probably offering more starfish! All sounds way too fishy!

  • From what I can see, the oldest reply was On Dec 20, 2010, and the latest was on Oct 11, 2012. Which means, this offer is out again saying, "I'm retiring and your can own my companies... ", to that effect. Today, I received an email from supposedly a relatively reputable internet marketer, Gary Ambrose -- sold us membership done-for-you websites, started from $37, OTOs of $197 one-time payment or $97 a month. Also, you have to buy your domains and hosting through them.

    Today, I almost clicked on $17 offer(discounted from $47)so Nick Xavier claims. But I've been through these types of sleazy marketing tactics numerous times (not proud of it). Then I thought I should Google this program and some Nick guy. Sure enough, I got here (and glad I did). Thanks. Lessons learn.
  • Thank God I read up on this before giving any money away!! Thanks everyone for your Reviews!!!

    Jeff Mills
  • They first say you must pay $17, then when i paid this i have to pay another $47 to get the program, but wait this is not finished, then you have to pay $21 ,$9,$37 to activate the website, and then still you have nothing but loads of -on your bank statement. And they bomard you with mails even though you ask them to stop sending you mails. until now i have not made 1 blue cent.
    • hello, i just paid them the 2 dollar start up fee.... so they could send me my "start up kit"

      if this thing is bullcrap could they still charge my credit card for no reason???? i really do not have much money at all. or could i only lose more money if i agree to pay them??? im not sure. i should have read up 1st about this. I dont know what i was thinking at the time......

  • Hey there JIM G. Don't feel like you're the only 1. Ive been had as well & guess what now that it's been aweek or 2, It's just hit me that him & his scamming geek buddies have stopped with bombarding me with all their emails. I'm dead serious I can go into my junk,trash,scam(can prove it) oops did I say scam meant spam sorry bout that. Jim can't help ya get your money back,but i do hope you were as leary as i was they only got ya for the $47 to get all 21 sites. Sorry for your loss, but like I said your not the only ONE.They GOT ME 2.
  • I do not know how much of a scam Nick Xavier is but the people he is linked to sure seem to be. I sent my money to auto traffic avalanch and as of yet all I get is auto responders trying to sell me something else If I do not get a responce by today I am going to report them to clickbank and my charge card company about them being a scam

    Jim G
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