Internet Income Path Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Internet Income Path, found online at, is a new work at home opportunity whose website promises that their system provides a method of making money that “has never been more convenient.”

Their website says that anyone can start making money today with just basic typing skills and internet access. You can use their system to earn money online from home or from anywhere you have an internet connection.

To get started with their system, you simply need to provide them with your contact information and pay a $1.95 Activation Fee, which they claim is necessary to verify that you “are a real person.”

What is Internet Income Path?

Internet Income Path provides their potential customers with no information to explain what type of business you will be enrolling in. Instead, they require your credit card information before you can get access to any information.

Once you have paid the $1.95 fee, you will be given access to their members’ website for five days to see what kind of business opportunity you are entering into. If you do not want to continue with the opportunity, you will need to call customer service and cancel.

If you do nothing, at the end of five days you will be charged $29.95 every thirty days to continue with the Internet Income Path business.

The Problems

First and foremost, the most important rule of buying something online is to understand exactly what you are purchasing before you ever provide someone with your credit card information.

The fact that you must give Internet Income Path your credit card number before they will tell you what you are getting is a major red flag for a scam and signals that you should avoid doing business with this company.

Also, this company is based outside of the United States, which can often make it extremely difficult to get any potential billing problems addressed or to take legal action if that is something you eventually wish to do.

Ultimately, this business is exhibiting too many signs of deception and potential issues for you to trust them with your credit card information. People who are looking for work at home opportunities should find more reputable and trustworthy companies to work with.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Internet Income Path " is 1.36 out of 5 based on 22 reviews.
  • I am in Scarborough....and for me it shows Melissa is apparently from scarborough Ontario as well...A big scam
  • Hi Everyone,

    Oh my Goddd! I think I'm in trouble! I already gave this guy my credit card no. And the details. But he was not able to get any money because there was no money in the bank! I had taken it all out and I forgot to tell him.

    But he has been calling me endlessly from New Mexico after every half an hour!! That's when I got suspicious! And he said the same thing that "Don't worry I have all day to get in touch with you so I will get in touch with you!" And I said to him " this sounds exciting, if it works I will tell more people!!!" In order to help them!!

    I better go to the bank tomorrow to get my card changed!!
  • and yet they run banner adds on ebay!
  • The fact that we are all looking for a way to earn either extra money or the opportunity to work from home is what these people prey on. We all need to wise up! If it seems too good to be true.... It usually is. We all need to make sure other people don't get sucked in....
  • OMG I just noticed the CHECK instead of cheque. Wow I was almost tempted to apply but who gives you all these so called positive reviews but none of the people who review have nothing to say about the information they are receiving! or the company doesn't tell you what your applying to! SCAM forsure! it makes me so mad that people can do this and get away with it! preying on people going through hard times!! CARMA How come none of these awesome reviews end up on this site or any other site? only a site where the shut of the section where you can leave comments!!
  • SCAM.

    Ask yourself one question. how can the same Melissa Johnson live in the States, Canada and Australia. I live in the UK, apparently she lives here too. in London.

    (mind you, if you could make the money these conmen suggest, i suppose you could have properties on every continent)
  • Just found something out every link goes to the same link internet income path or as i call it IIP they want you sucked in
  • this is why i check reviews because this looked legit but usually when you see Mellisa Jonson in Canada the states UK and all those places you know that it is fake and on the check it say United States doesn't add up! Mellisa Jonson was probably there first victim :( TOO BAD...
  • straight away i figured something was wrong then decided to research and found information that this site is bogus. We need to open our eyes and research companies before we part with financial informations.

    thanks all!!

  • Yep, i almost signed up to - Except !!!, like most saying here, "what do i get, what am i signing up for"?............. forget it, if they're not transparent, then they obvioudly have something to hide. I now have the heads up about Melissa, she's a prequent flyer, and does she get around or what !!!, lol. Im in Australia (Sydney).

    Thanks to all.
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