Internet Income Pillars Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Internet Income Pillars, found at, claims to be the internet’s “fastest income solution” that will pay you for life.

Michelle Johnson, the spokesperson for Internet Income Pillars, claims that this work at home program changed her life and can do the same for you. All you need is basic typing skills. No prior experience or technical knowledge required.

According to the sales page, anyone can earn up to $247 a day and make a profit off their new business within the first week. All you need to begin is to complete their free, 5 minute signup process.

The Opportunity

Internet Income Pillars is promoting the work at home opportunity of eBay dropshipping. A drop ship company is a large warehouse with a wide variety of inventory. A member of the drop ship company can list items from their inventory on auction sites like eBay, in order to sell them for a profit.

As a member of the drop ship company, you will get access to the inventory items at wholesale prices, and will have the ability to sell these items on eBay at whatever price you choose, ultimately giving you the ability to choose your profit margin.

Once the item sells, the drop ship company is responsible for packing and shipping the item to the buyer. This allows you to avoid shipping and storing issues. This is part of the reason why the drop ship business opportunity is so popular.

The Truth

While selling items for profit on eBay with the use of a drop ship company is a legitimate business opportunity, you do not need a third party program to sell this opportunity to you.

Anyone can sign up with a drop ship company outright – they do not need to go through a program. And as for understanding how the business works, the drop ship company itself will offer you help, and there are multiple forums on eBay, as well as other websites that will provide you with information for free.

Internet Income Pillars, on the other hand, is definitely not free. You must pay $19.97 for instant access to your training kit, and if you do not cancel your membership after 7 days, you will be charged a one time fee of $97.00.

Before you invest in one of these expensive informational programs, it’s better to use your free resources to see if the opportunity is even for you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Internet Income Pillars " is 1.56 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • I'm going to buy this program again, and I feel confident as to all the research I have done.You all need to read carefully go back and reorder it again.

    Thank You,

  • I bought the program of income pillars and I spent money as well,but I have done alot of research in marketing. In reality it is the best program compared to all the others. It seems hard because we don't do any marketing but in reality they are giving us all the exact information on how to go about it. Its an excellant program. RS
  • thanks to every one that put a comment on this matter you save my live!!
  • It's a scam. Whoever read this I would say closed your account before they take more money from you.
  • I've been trying to obtain a refund. This company gives the phone that is supposed to where you can request your refund. As soon as I enter the phone number that I used to apply to the program, it says "your account has been closed good bye". All other ways to contact this company has been fruitless and has the same number which I cannot get thru. That number is 888-895-3196. This is a SCAM and a bunch of thieves.
  • While they were very good at calling me (repeatedly) to make sure I didn't need help with anything, I still had trouble deactivating my account before the $97 came out. The day they took that money out I was able to reach customer service and cancel my account and request my refund. I was told it would take no more than 72 hours to get it. It's been a week now and I still haven't received my refund and I can no longer get a hold of them. My calls will not even go through.
  • They ripped me off too
  • have not been able to get any information on this company since I paid my 2.95 and never received my email to let me into the company.
  • I was told that my money would be refunded except for the $2.95 initial fee. Ridiculous because this is supposed to be the cost. Then they got me for $19.95 more. I am still waiting for the refund. Good Luck to anyone who tries this and sees the hidden fees for everything. Like the one time per year fee of 295.00 or something close to that.
  • I was going to try this system, the seven day trial I called the number that was listed to cancel 888 895-3196, and it asked for the phone number that I used to order the product. I put in a number and then pressed the lb. key as the directions stated but their system did not receive the number. It continuously asked me to put my number in.

    You can't get them on the line to cancel.

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