Internet Power Income Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Internet Power Income is a new work from home opportunity being promoted by spokeswoman Sarah Jones, who says anyone who takes advantage of this work opportunity can make money within five minutes.

The website goes on to say that this “easy, proven, and guaranteed” way to earn money can be learned by anyone, of any age and background, within one afternoon so they can begin earning money immediately.

Perhaps the best part of this work from home business is that Internet Power Income says they will give you step-by-step training, completely for free, along with a free, easy to build website to help you be successful in your business venture.

The Business

Link posting – the business opportunity being promoted by Internet Power Income – is a form of affiliate marketing, where people can earn commission when they successfully sell the product or service of a partner company.

The website says this is a profitable opportunity because businesses are “desperate” for people to do this from home, so “wages are high.” Also that since these links increase sales, it is worthwhile for companies to “pay you a lot” to post links.

Finally, they also say that the average link will take four minutes to post and earn you an average of $15, meaning that working one hour a day, five days a week, will earn you $58,500 in yearly income.

The Reality

First, the figures they quote on how long it takes to post a link and how much that link will earn you are completely arbitrary. These figures are often quoted, but they have no basis in reality. You could post 100 links which don’t result in sales, earning you zero dollars, or two links that result in multiple sales which will earn you regular income.

The bottom line is that the description of link posting, or internet marketing, given by Sarah Jones and Internet Power Income is misleading at best, and dishonest at worst.

In addition, their product is not actually free. While they give you free access to information about how link posting works, after you sign up you are redirected to a new page which informs you that in order to be successful with this system, you must have a website.

And while the website will be provided for free, the domain name and monthly hosting will cost you – the cheapest two year subscription you can purchase is $285.00, and you don’t have an option for a shorter contract, the way you would with an independent hosting company.

Before signing up for any paid training or investing serious money in a website, it is important that you first research link posting and internet marketing to determine what is really required for success and if you are up for it. You will find many free sources of information online.

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