Internet Profit Packet Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Internet Profit Packet, located at, is a new work at home certification program designed and sold by Denise Richards, who claims to have used this very same work at home method to become independently wealthy.

Internet Profit Packet claims that anyone can make up to $87 an hour, or $2,700 a day, with no prior experience or skills required, as well as being able to earn your first payment within just hours of starting the program.

For a one time payment of $97, the Internet Profit Packet will provide you with a comprehensive, easy certification guide, step-by-step lesson plans, Lifetime Access to their members’ website, and unlimited support when you become stuck or have a question.

Working at Home with the Internet Profit Packet

Once you are through reading Denise Richards’ amazing story of how she used this work at home opportunity to quit her nine to five job to be her own boss, you learn that this is really a link posting opportunity.

Link posting is a popular form of affiliate marketing, which requires you to partner with other companies to promote their goods and services via links you set up online. Unfortunately, this opportunity is often poorly misrepresented, and the Internet Profit Packet is no different.

While Richards’ presents this opportunity as “being paid to post links,” the reality is that you are not paid unless your link results in sale, at which point you earn a commission, which is a straight forward percentage of the sale, depending on what company you are working with.

She also says there are “limited positions left” and that after being certified by her Internet Profit Packet program you will be “guaranteed a position.” However, link posting is an independent business opportunity, not a regular job opportunity, so these claims aren’t relevant to this business.

More Concerns

The most problematic issues with Internet Profit Packet, however, are the outrageous earnings claims made by Richards. She claims that with 30 minutes to spare, you “can earn up to $330-$560 every day GUARANTEED,” that you can earn up to $2700 a day, and that she made $1200 her first week.

While there are people who earn high sums of money with affiliate marketing, they certainly do not do it with “just 30 minutes” a day. People with successful money making online businesses invest lots of time, money, and effort before they become profitable. To suggest otherwise is false advertising.

Also, Internet Profit Packet claims to have a 30 Day Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee, which they describe as giving you an entire month to try the program and if you don’t earn enough money or are unhappy for any other reason, you can receive a refund with no hassle.

But the truth is that you have to be able that you used the program for 20 consecutive days, signing into the members’ area at least once each day, as well as registered for one on one mentoring to qualify for the refund. And even after you’ve met these requirements, it’s still up to the company whether or not to honor your refund.

It is much better to do free research on affiliate marketing and link posting to see if it’s for you before investing your money in such a training program.

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Average Rating for " Internet Profit Packet " is 1 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • Thank you! I almost signed up for this program. Glad I did not!

    People are desperate for work and more scams are popping up as a legitimate offer of guaranteed pay. Do not buy their lies!
  • I had login as a member in internet profit packet, but when I ask them for help , i could not get help and when i ask for refund i could not get any positive reply since then ! Please dnt login! fraud
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