Internet Profits System Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Internet Profits System, from, is a new work at home business opportunity which claims anyone can earn up to $87 an hour, with no prior experience or skills required.

Sarah Hunter, the spokeswoman for Internet Profits System, says that anyone can be their own boss, choose their own hours, and achieve financial freedom with this system. In addition, you can get started almost immediately.

The Internet Profits System provides you with the website, training, and support you will need to start earning money right away. And if you are unsatisfied with the money you are earning from their system, they provide a 60 day refund policy.

What is The Internet Profits System?

Unfortunately, like many work at home opportunities, the Internet Profits System does not fully explain what kind of business opportunity they are until you enter your credit card information.

This is a terrible policy and one that should generally raise red flags about the trustworthiness of any company. Before you give anyone access to your credit card number, you should know exactly what you are receiving in return. does say that you will be earning money from “selling products,” which implies that is likely a dropshipping opportunity.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when you run a website which offers products from a dropship warehouse. These warehouses maintain large numbers of products, which they will ship out for you as you receive orders on your website.

This means that you don’t have to maintain inventory or pay shipping and handling costs. However, you must pay to belong to a dropshipping warehouse, and these fees can be hundreds of dollars a year.

The Bottom Line

Internet Profits System offers a 10 day trial for $9.97. If you do not cancel at the end of 10 days, you will be charged a one time fee of $79.

However, before you purchase Internet Profits System, you would be wise to research dropshipping opportunities to see if they are really something you would be interested in.

It can be a complicated business that requires time and effort to get started, and you should know whether it is right for you before you begin investing your time and money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Internet Profits System " is 1.52 out of 5 based on 31 reviews.
  • Oct. 8, 2018

    Today it's Amazon work for home writing reviews and listing products for $27 to $32 an hour from home go to and it's 23 lol from your area. This is a COMPLETE SCAM. Amazon does not have any jobs like this. I know because I talked to Amazon about available jobs for staying at home.
  • Has anyone noticed that there is no "Contact Us" link, or a link for a support ticket. This is all bunk. Gimme 3 minutes alone with these cowardice punks.
  • I have received many voice mail messages from these con artist .

    I really think they need to be turned in to the proper authorities to be investigated .

    They are bringing down the reputation of Amazon .
    • Exactly Yolande!!!! I'm going to try to forward All of this Valuable Information to my Friend that works in Mgmt. at Amazon

      Thanks again to Everyone! This Scam needs to be Stopped!
  • It’s easy to track down.

    Look up who owns the web site as in final URL you hit. Check who owns the IP range in ARIN.

    I know this isn’t a sub of Amazon I know that immediately but I’m interested to look up who owns it and then look that company up.

    I know most of you can’t track down URL, dns registrations, IP address ownership and geolocate where they are hosted but it will tell you a lot.

    Probably you can make some money but I’m sure it sucks and you are supposed to leave positive review. This is funded ultimately by the sellers of the products like an association fee, Ive seen it on Craigslist too. It’s to build up ratings for crap products.
  • I am so glad I looked it up first! When I typed in internet profit this is the first page to come up. I am looking for work and this is not fair to be targeted like this. Thanks to all who commented, i wanted it to be real, but of know when its too good to be true.
  • Did you get in touch with Amazon?
  • I got the same too
  • I got one this morning in Portland Or. Seemed pretty shady to meE
    • Just got a vm claiming they Amazon is hiring 30 ppl in my area -- don't believe it to be legit tho. Anything that requires you send money to receive a packet -- no matter how small the amount -- sounds like a scam.
  • I would like to try my best at sitting at home and working for Amazon. I'm good at whatever I do.
  • Voice mail still happening today, New England area.
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