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iPAS Marketing System
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iPAS Marketing System


The Internet Prospect Acceleration System (or iPAS, for short) is an internet based business system created by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.  The iPAS marketing system is an unusual business model, not generally seen in the world of internet marketing.

Usually, when you purchase an online business opportunity, what you receive with your purchase is a guide for how to run your own business.  Depending on what business you are purchasing and from whom, you may receive a variety of things with this business opportunity purchase.  Sometimes you’ll get DVD training materials, sometimes personal business coaching services, sometimes 24/7 support, sometimes a website – the list of what you may get goes on and on.

But ultimately, regardless of what you are provided with, the responsibility of creating a successful, money making business lies directly on you, regardless of what tools, resources, or information you receive.  The iPAS business system is a little different.

With iPas, instead of  receiving the tools necessary to build your own business, you buy into a business co-op run by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.  This means that the business is owned by the workers.  In short, if you choose to join iPAS, you are buying a share of a business, rather than your own business.

In exchange for you joining the iPAS marketing system, you will receive your own website, your own marketing team, and your own sales staff.  Your business will be run according to the iPAS business model, and in his video, Chris Campbell makes an excellent argument for why this is a great idea.  He says that his company has the best people working in each area that is best suited to them, and you get to benefit from their expertise as opposed to providing it all yourself.

What is confusing about iPAS is what, exactly, they get from you.  If they are providing the website, the marketing, and the sales staff, as well as the products that will be sold on the website, then what exactly are you doing?  Well, as far as I can see, you’ll be investing money.

Campbell alludes to this in his video, making a comment about how “if you invest $80,000 towards marketing,” then Campbell and Jones will kick in $20,000 to make your total marketing budget $100,000, but then they become 20% owners of the “traffic” you receive, is how they put it.

As for how exactly you make your money, and how the money is divided up between you and the iPAS company, there is no real explanation on their sales page.  Campbell and Jones prefer for you to actually speak to a member of their team in order to get all the final details and to see if they will even accept you as a member for iPAS.

While the iPAS marketing system sounds interesting, and even promising, I would caution you that these one-on-one sales calls often end in the seller asking all sorts of questions about your financial situation, including bank statements and credit card limits, which generally then ends with them recommending that you max out your credit cards or empty your savings in order to become a part of this “amazing” opportunity.

It’s in your best interest to be prepared for that kind of conversation, to know up front how much money you would be willing to spend and to not allow yourself to be talked out of it.  Remember, at the end of the day, every business opportunity has the potential for you to lose the money you invest, and if you can’t afford to lose it, then you should be wary of investing it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " iPAS Marketing System " is 1.66 out of 5 based on 32 reviews.
  • Thanks for this review, it's very imformative, cheers and keep up the good work! Alvaro Mendoza
  • IPAS 2 is definitely a scam. DO NOT go for it. I was skeptical at the beginning but I thought that to start a business you have to invest in it. So I did. This girl named Polina got me in and helped me in every way possible but I ended up buying the Gold Membership so I could possibly make the big bucks like $1,000 per customer who joins under Gold Status just like I did. I ended up putting that $1,000 in credit card plus the other products they try to sell you every month. Think I was gonna end up paying it back with sales, I ended up in $3,000 in debt. I wish they would refund the money to me since I am no longer active, but these people in this business DO NOT CARE they just want their money and that's all. Polina and Michael could of been nice enough to give me back my money since both of them make WAY OVER $10k monthly. $3,000 is like $100 to them. THIS IPAS 2 IS JUST BULLSHIT.
  • u know everything in life is a gamble and ive tried some of these with caution ive lost very little money cos i dont jump at the chance instead i sit back and try work out if its good for me or not in the end ive noticed if you not greedy u can make decent money doing surveys YES SURVEYS and although you wont get rich i can say bringing in 1000 a month is easy everything else i dont trust out of 45 survey companies im registered with only 2 ive had trouble with getting petty cash from good luck in what u do
  • The definition of a pyramid scheme is that there is no clear consumable product. What is exactly being sold? Advice? "Marketing assistance" in exchange for investing in THEIR company?! Do not, whatever you do, get involved with these companies. Network marketing is an amazing industry but these people give it a bad name.
  • Greetings All

    It is easy to see that this is a criminal conspiracy to defraud gullible, often desperate people. It falls under the theft statutes as Theft by Deception. Such crimes are difficult to prosecute because they are done over the Internet and are hard to investigate, locate suspects and bring charges. Although some of the perpetrators of such despicable crimes are caught and prosecuted or sued, many more get away with it. The safest way to avoid being victimized is the always remember that if it "is too good to be true" then it is and is a scam.

    Protect yourself by being skeptical and doing your due diligence (research and investigation) before you give anyone you don't know or can't reach out and touch. Reviewopedia is an excellent place to start.

    The ticking clock and rush to get you to sign up was an easy give a way that just screamed scam.

    Good luck
  • Also never give someone your credit card until you have all of your questions answered. If there's a lingering thought in your mind or you don't feel completely confident then get your questions asked or move on to greener pastures.
  • I truly hate these kinds of deceptive business practices but the thing I hate the most if that they make it harder for people who actually offer legitimate opportunities.

    There are some great businesses out there that you can join and they do have monthly fees but companies like Empower Network, Ipas, Ipas 2 , are not in that category.

    I hate to see people who join these programs and actually try to peddle the same crap to everyone else. They will tell you that they are legit with a straight face.

    Some people don't know any better.

    I'm saying all this to say please don't give up your online dreams and don't think that every mlm business is a scam that will have you out there praying on your family members and turning honest people into suckers.

    The two things I dislike the most online are people who have a lot of negative things to say about a product or service that they never tried, and people who would put in months, sometimes years of effort just to scam someone.

    It makes it hard to get honest reviews and great products and services.
  • I was taken for over $5,000 by this program. The people within iPas2 and Empower Network define what is evil in this world.

    If you want to lose money, join this program....very few people actually make money and the only way to make money with iPas2 is to suck people in and scam people with the very same thing. Report these criminals to the FTC!
  • ipas2 and Marc G are a scam stay away
  • Is False
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