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iPASDiscount.com is a new website and video presentation from Chris Jones, who says that he is willing to give people everything they need to successfully run a million dollar business from the comfort of their own home.

According to the video presentation, people who use their system will be able to make money online without knowing how to build a website, having to create your own products, or having any experience or special skills.

In addition, they promise that you do not need “lots of money” to invest in their program or an active email or contact list. In fact, all you need to get started is $47.00 for the first 30 days, and every 30 days thereafter until you decide to cancel your membership.

What is iPASDiscount?

This question is more complex than with other online money making systems. iPASDiscount.com is a new evolution of the popular iPAS Marketing System, which is a company that partners with the Empower Network to help people make money.

The Empower Network is a multi-level marketing company that sells people the necessary training and tools they need to become a successful internet marketer, with a special emphasis on lead generation and traffic generating tools. Empower Network is also being sold through a large selection of partners, including ProsperityFormula.net, Pizza Boy Millionaire, Blog Beast, Empower Authority Pro, Pure Leverage, and others.

The iPAS Marketing System is partnered with the Empower Network, helping them sell their tools and resources to a larger market, and providing even further tools and resources to the people who buy into Empower through their network.

Specifically, new members will be given your own website, marketing team, and sale staff so that you can run your new business according to their business model, giving you all the benefits of knowledge and expertise you may not actually have yourself.

The Concerns

The potential worries and issues associated with the Empower Network and the iPAS Marketing System are well documented, as both companies have been around for many years at this point.

The biggest concern is that a multi-level marketing company should provide two ways for their representatives to earn money: by selling a selection of products and by recruiting new people to represent their company.

The Empower Network has created a situation where these two earnings opportunities are essentially combined, as their tools and resources are intended to be used as a way for their representatives to sell the Empower Network membership, and not general tools that can be applied to any online business.

The iPAS Marketing System takes this one step further by making you a part of co-op Empower Network team where profit sharing takes place, though the only profits that appear to come in are those generated by new membership fees.

This is a particularly slippery slope, because when the only money being generated by an MLM opportunity is the money brought in by new members, the opportunity quickly becomes a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in the United States.

People who are interested in still trying this business for themselves should take all these issues into consideration, as well as know that whenever you stop paying your membership fees, you will lose access to all the tools and training you had been paying for.

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