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Isagenix, located at, is a company which provides health and wellness products that promote everything from weight loss to healthy relationships, as well as a work from home business opportunity.

Isagenix is a direct selling work at home business, which means that you order products from at wholesale prices from them and are able to sell them at retail prices from your home, your business, a local business, or from your website. You keep the profits you earn.

Getting started with Isagenix will cost you at least $150 for one of their business packages, which comes with a waived membership fee for the first year and a $39 annual fee for each year after that.

The Products

The products at cover a wide range of health and wellness concerns, including, but not limited to: Weight Loss, Energy and Performance, Healthy Aging, Telomere Support, Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements, Healthy Snack and Drinks, Personal Care, and Targeted Solutions.

Most of their product lines, and especially their Weight Loss product line, includes some form of a cleanse. The Weight Loss line has both a 30 Day Weight Loss Cleanse and a 9 Day Weigh Loss Cleanse.

Their Personal Care line includes skincare products, such as sunscreens, moisturizers, serums, and exfoliators, while their Targeted Solutions line contains sleep aids and immune system boosters. And this is just a small selection of their total offerings.

How You Can Make Money

The main way you would earn money as an Isagenix associate is through your Retail Profits – simply selling the products and keeping the profits. But you also earn an extra $10-$50 each time you personally enroll an associate that purchases a Product Introduction Pak.

If you become a Paid As Consultant, you can also create two different teams of associates, and these teams can then earn bonuses for their combined sales totals. And once each of your teams has five members acting as Paid As Consultants, you will qualify for a 10% bonus from your team bonus income.

Finally, Isagenix also provides both incentives and promotions throughout the year, such as the chance to win money, cruises, and vacations.

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