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from 21 reviews Review It is a job search database that claims to connect you with employers for free. All you have to do is sign up, fill out your profile page, and post your resume. does not only allow jobseekers to search for available job openings within their region or community, they also have Career Tools and Career Centers that can help you work on your resume or offer advice on related topics.

In addition to job finder services, also claims to help people figure out the right career path by giving them news and special offers regarding furthering their education or work at home opportunities.

Some job seekers prefer to sign up for their free service without posting a resume. Not posting a resume allows you to contact only the employers you are interested in, without allowing a host of employers or partner companies to contact you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.1 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.
  • They have clogged my daughters iPad with bull you can't call them they call here. And hang up when I tell them she is a minor and to loose the number and email
  • Total scam. Say they use AI and blockchain. What nonsense. Did not help at all.
  • Scam... I did a job and my money accumulated up till $1040 but couldn't withdraw... Scam alert!!!
  • I went on a company website for a retail store and clicked on a link to apply for employment and began to fill out what I believed to be a job application form. By the time I filled in all kinds of personal and what I believed to be confidential information at the bottom it asks me if I plan to continue my education. I click on NO. Then it was supposed to link me back to the company website, I was already on and it did not... It was a page saying there were many thousands of jobs.... I realized this was a scam... too late. I x'd out the page and underneath was a real job application. I cant understand how on earth this webpage was linked to the retail store website I was trying to apply at. Now I am getting all kinds of scam calls about "education". also called me. said they dont have job applications.. (Oh really? It sure looks like a job application and SAYS it is a job application) They said they only do schools.. I told them I had not given them permission to give out my number and in fact I am on the federal Do Not Call. Some of the scam numbers are:, 703-348-5780, some school with no name, 704-208-5521, some school with no name, 561-358-3686 (this is so far the worst and rudest. She even said she BOUGHT my number from and that I had "checked a box" which I had not to request calls from schools)and joseph with education services who cant even speak English,202-545-3791. I told to tell them not to call and they were still calling and all does is hang up on me. I also filed several complaints with the FTC.
    • I know what you mean it like if you apply for any job that is not an individual company website you will get to the education section 1st (DO NOT FILL INFORMATION OUT). I have done this in the past and got endless calls from everyone and not from job you are applying for. I thought they would never quit calling, but after several months they did. This is happening on most online job sites. So if I see a job I use the company that is doing the hiring website. I just recently saw a job for company and I knew the manager of the store and he said he didn't have any jobs open and gave me the manager's name of another job with same company and the manager said they hired someone a week ago. Anyway the first manager I talked to knows me and gave me his information to use him as a reference for any job.

      I am still looking for a job, but if I don't find one soon I will go back and take a refresher course for commercial truck driver. I am so glad I have that to fall back on. In case anyone doesn't know is at least in South Carolina that government did pay for the course thru your local unemployment office (The cost is $3795 from 02/29/2012). When I was team driver I was clearing $1000 a week. Some how I must have injured my neck on I80 in Wyoming when the road dropped 2 or more inches. After driving 2 weeks with my arm constantly hurting when I got on the east cost I called my best friend and boyfriend to come to Roanoke Va and left to go see a Doctor/Neurologist to find out that I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and back. My bone density test show that I am only -0.05 from being in Osteoporosis I am currently in the range of Osteopenia. The score range from -1.0 to -2.5 My Neck is -2.0 and lower back is -1.0. and no I was denied SSDI and was told I could go back to work except for the truck job. LOL at 56 years old No One Will Hire Me. FYI because I was out of the truck for more than 21 days and not talking to them I was let go, but according to Hire Right they will hire me back.

      As for the employment I will only go through company websites.

      I wish everyone luck with job hunting I did that for 2 years before I found out about the CDL and did that. You should have seen the looks of a blonde wearing shorts and cowboy boots gassing up an 18 wheeler. LOL
  • These people keep calling from different phone numbers. Is there any way to prevent them from calling?
  • I didn't even want to sign up for, but a job application I was filling out required me to do so. IF A JOB APPLICATION REQUIRES YOU TO SIGN UP WITH JOB.COM, ASK YOURSELF IF THAT JOB IS REALLY WORTH IT.

    Now I get daily nuisance phone calls. Primarily "continuing your education" phonecalls. I have also gotten one from a woman selling magazines, who nearly "sold" $20 worth of them to me without actually asking if I wanted to buy any. Pretty sure she's the result of selling my number as well, since I'd barely got 1 phone call a week prior to this site.

    Thankfully my phone has a built-in call block feature.
  • set ringtone from you on that number and a picture of a bug and titled the phone number as scam
  • This is what I'm doing I put my ringtone for that number on a mute ringtone I put a picture of a bug and Then added a title as scam. I put my ringtone for that number on a mute ringtone I put a picture of a bug an added a title as scam
  • is a scam......period. At the beginning she ask me about futhering my education. I told her I'm not interested because I'm 65. Did she stop there. No.. went on and on and on about my education. To make matters worst, I was just going out the door when she called. There's no job. Just solisting educational schools. People need jobs. you know? MONEY.. Jesus., we're not eating now and they want us to eat books? These people need to be banned from the internet for stealing someone's title and missusing it. I calling them back. And after the recording says "The conversation will be recorded for future reference"... I'm going to use every 4 letter word I can think of. And then just listen to the silence while they cry. Shameless punks.
  • Watch out. As soon as I clicked on the button that said I was NOT interested in continuing my education, my phone started to ring--caller said I requested information online about continuing my education. has refused to remove my info or close my account. Everyone that calls, I say to take my name off their list, and then I program my phone to make the caller ID for that number "Don't Answer." They are doing something with their calls that, when you call them back, the number is out of service.
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