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If you love to shop, it only seems natural that obtaining a job as a mystery shopper is right up your alley. Jobs2Shop connects and matches members to the largest Mystery Shopping Companies. Not only can you become a mystery shopper, but you will also be able to take surveys, test products, and participate in focus groups.

With the numerous service companies members can access through Jobs2Shop there are many mystery shopping job opportunities. You can apply to any number of assignments and pick the ones you are most interested in.

Registering with Jobs2Shop is free; they provide their members the tools and the information necessary for success. The amount of compensation you can earn for a completed assignment varies based on its requirements; some of the companies have even paid $75.00 for a single evaluation.

It is necessary to have a PayPal account to receive payment. It can take up to eight weeks to get paid from the time Jobs2Shop has verified the qualifications of the assignment have been met. There are two portions of an assignment which includes the mystery shopping job itself as well as signing up for their advertisers’ offers. If either are not considered to be complete, you will not receive payment.

Is a Scam?

Being required to sign up for Jobs2Shop’s advertisers’ trial offers may be a catch 22. Some of their advertisers require a credit card prior to signing up for the trial offer and some of them charge an initial fee. In addition, if you do not cancel your trial within a particular time frame, you are charged for the amount of the service or product.

The 8 week time period Jobs2Shop uses to approve the completion of assignments and process your payment seems odd when you connect it to a trial offer period. If you cancel a trial, prior to having finished it, to avoid being charged the full of amount of the service or product, then essentially you have not have completed the offer. On the other hand, if you do complete a trial offer, you have thus accepted the terms of the offer and are typically charged for the remaining portion due.

Any job that directs you to and requires you to sign up for trial offers should raise a red flag, especially if you must provide and use your own credit card. If you don’t cancel trials within specified time frames, the job may cost more than what you have earned.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Jobs 2 Shop " is 1.78 out of 5 based on 68 reviews.
  • they are a total scam!!!!!!


  • I joined Jobs to Shop and followed all the guidelines. I didn't cash out right away and earned a credit of $230. Now, I can't get a return email and I have been locked out of my account. They're a very unethical business. I'm so disappointed that companies and people who run them who act this way.
  • these people are scammers!! They get paid for the work we do and then they donbt pay us!!!

  • I have been doing survey for a long time your company won't pay me for all my survey I did a $15,00 survey and not able to cash out and many more and still can't cash out your company is a scam I,m going to check with the better business bureau to see your rating and report young company as a scam.
  • Never received payment
  • Will not pay you what you earn...I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, 11 months later I am still getting the run around about the money owed to me. Sadly, I think this survey site is a scam!! Beware!!
  • Jobs2shop is a legitimate site, they do pay, they do provide good support. as long as you don't Abuse it. Jobs2shop will know when you're providing fake information or when you're providing bullshit answers. It's really simple. In order to get paid without any issues just Do surveys without providing fraud information, and make sure you follow company policy. it's easy af. (for most of you oldies out there who don't understand "af" please google it) Most of the bad reviews you see here are people who are obviously having issues getting their payment! "but chris, Why are they having issues?" Well you see, these people A) don't provide real info. B) are Probably frauds who have been caught. C) Do not Utilize support properly! Remember they are people too!

    Anyway, Long story short. I got paid last month and should be getting paid on November 20th 2018 like everybody else who's payment have been approved.

    Fun fact: If you treat support nicely they might give you some bonus credit! i got $5 cash evaluation credit after they helped me in support!

    For all you haters: I don't work for them, I have an 8-5 job at a diner and i'm just trying to make a little extra on the couch like you all.
  • Jobs2Shop is a total scam. They "used to" be legit in 2017 but something strange happened to them this year, and especially NOW while they still offer plenty of work to their agent they do NOT PAY. They schedule their "payment" on the 20th of the month following completion of the assignment, or in my cases the "tasks" of joining other site and taking surveys, trying products, ect. The $25 minimum is relatively easy to complete, IF you work many hours within 3 days, which again is extremely quick for this kind of work. BUT dont bother! At this time they dont pay, dont answer your "request ticket" and after 10-20 attempts at communication they "may" get back to you with either a one word reply, for example - I say "will you please payme the money you owe me - ?" that was around my 7th attempt at communication with them and they reponded one word "sure" . The end. I AM WORRIED ABOUT THEIR MYSTERY SHOPPERS as most of their GIGS require a lot of out of pocket money, some well over $120
  • I’m trying to collect my 1st payment from them. I put in for it on 8/25 and find out I can’t get it until 9/20, which is rediculous. When the 20th comes my money isn’t there and their site is offline all day on payday. If this isn’t a scam it’s just one step away from being one.

    Is there some way we can band together and sue these companies for false advertising or scamming or something. We are just out here trying to survive and several of the survey companies I have dealt with are the same or worse. I no no one cares but someone should be held accountable. Google knows these companies are scams but they put them on the web anyway knowing we’re gonna get scammed just like Facebook puts them on Facebook knowing they are scams.

    If no one else care I do and can someone help me figure out a way to make someone take responsibility and close these sites down. We work to hard trying to make money legitimately and trying to survive in this crazy world for this to continually happen. We do surveys to make extra money but instead they making money off of us.

    I just had to vent and get this off my chest. Thanks

    Jacqueline Lewis
    • IM totally with YOU

      For me, I dont remember how i found them - I started out in 2017 with them, lots of suffering I even got scammed by one of those they were promoting Cristie Brinkley face cream - somehow they managed to hack my credit card and bill me monthly after I cancelled after 14days as instructed to - I had to cancel my account with my credit people and I did get my money back. However, I actually got paid ONE TIME from Jobs2- but this year when I picked back up on their work - it was and IS a total nightmare as I was totally counting on that money, being a widow and all you know. I was finished my work the first week in september, was told Id be paid on Oct 20th, and exactly on the day payment was due I was sent to the Ticket Center to file a claim for fraud. I have contacted them 20 times since. The best thing for us to do is to try to contact all those companies that PAY THEM to find MYSTERY SHOPPERS for them and let them know. I reached one of them today. In the meantime, One by One (as what Im getting ready to tell you is also is a freud site) go to FaceBook group-page Jobs2Shop and you will meet other people like us. Convince them to come HERE and spread the word!!!! Thanks for posting!
  • This is a fraud! Don't waste your time! You don't get properly credited for evaluations and they don't reply to support tickets!
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