Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 11 reviews Review It is a website that, as the name suggests, helps people find work. With the job market in a slow recovery many people are turning to sites like these to supplement their work search. Sites like this provide a convenient way to search for work in a wide range of industries and locations.

The site requires that you create a profile in order to view your job search results. Now before you create your profile and divulge your personal information make sure to read their privacy policies and be careful of what contact options you select.

If you allow them to they will share your info with third party advertisers and open you up to a wide selection of ads. will also put you in contact with a career advisor that will speak with you about your various education options.

If you do not wish to receive these solicitations make sure to uncheck the appropriate boxes when you are registering your profile. If you have already created a profile and wish to change your setting you may log back in and withdraw your approval for advertising.

Is a Scam?

Lately this seems to be the preferred business model of most online job search websites. In exchange for allowing people the use of their jobs database they will attempt to get their consent to receive education ads.

Often times this strategy backfires especially when people haven’t carefully read the terms and conditions. The result is many people calling the website a scam and accusing them of spamming.

If you wish to use the site and are worried about opening yourself up to these ads make sure you check the appropriate settings. Some people even go as far as using a junk email address and not giving them all of their correct info.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " JobsOnline " is 1.09 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
  • Not only is it a fruitless waste of time, they send emails that are rude, unprofessional and threatening. As always, there is no rush to provide anything.. especially personal information.
  • Tell me the procedure and payment details
  • Its a scam. do not believe on such scammers.Genuine providers do not ask for money.I send them a message that first give me first payment then only I will pay the registration charges
  • It's a complete scam. Not waste for paying fee
  • Site sucks, doesn't inform you of the jobs search you asked for. only lyft driver jobs.
  • Please refund my money with in a week I'm not very good by money standed so please it's my humble request refund my money I'm a student otherwise I'll take legal action against your company
  • I was trying to apply for a position at Target and at some point it redirected to this site and before I realized it I started get phone calls for Credit Fix, Health Insurance & education information like I had contacted them for information. Within minutes, now I cant get my phone to stop ringing.
  • My name is not your reason for checking this site for review the site you are about to sign up for and they promise you what money, free money for no work, and wonder why a rich dude would just give out 50 bucks for you paying 39 bucks, sounds like too good to be true, it sounds like you won't ever see that fifty dollars trust me. I didn't sign up for it to say ur gullible and it also sounds like he makes money from.... Ok say 1000 people sign up, look at how much 39x1000 is hmmmm sounds like it screams scam end of story
  • Any site that requires you to accept telemarketing calls, to include automated calls, can't be good or worthwhile -- especially when people can't stand receiving so many unsolicited calls at home or via mobile.

    I wouldn't trust this site. I would like to see their product first, even get some results, before agreeing to anything of the sort.

    STAY AWAY if you value your privacy.
  • I think it is a scam because ever since I signed up for them, my e-mail got hacked because there were several attempts to send spam to my family and friends. Thankfully my e-mail provider stopped it from going through, but I had to change my password.

    BTW, I got referred to this site from a survey site, so stay away from!
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