JobsRadar Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 25 reviews Review It is a job board where can people search for job openings in their chosen field and chosen regional area. In order to see any of the job openings on JobsRadar, you must create a free account.

JobsRadar appears to be a simple aggregate of jobs posted online, both by employers and by other job boards. Often when trying to fill out an online application for a job you found on JobsRadar, you will be asked to create new account with the job board or database where the job was originally posted.

What to Look Out For on Jobs Sites

One of the draws of the large, premium jobs finding sites like Monster or CareerBuilder is the ability to post your resume online so that employers can find you. JobsRadar does provide an area to post your resume if you choose, but it is not required.

Generally speaking, these days posting your resume on an open jobs forum is not the best idea. Instead of employers getting your information, most often advertisers are acquiring your information to contact you with sales pitches.

Jobs boards in general are more of an area for sponsors and advertisers these days than they truly are for job seekers. In fact, before you can create your free account at JobsRadar, you must fill out all your personal information, including address, phone number, and email address, and you must agree to their privacy policy.

In the privacy policy, you are told that you will be mailed and emailed special offers or information they think you would like. In addition, you are giving them permission to call or text you with special offers.

If you are concerned with advertisers and sponsors contacting your cell phone or filling your inbox with offers, consider creating a new email account specifically for job opportunities, as well as using a landline phone number if you have one.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " JobsRadar " is 1.52 out of 5 based on 25 reviews.
  • This is a scam site that doesn't actually have real jobs
  • I called them and basically they look through want adds and then send you a list. This is the most idiotic scam I have ever heard of really. Told them to remove from my list. If you can read you cab do this for free. Not really a service but just preying on the desperate.
  • Absolutely the most annoying tell a marketing scam sight I've delt with thus far seeking a job text with fake job offers and information then try to to redirect you to what ever company they sold your info to normally being a college or a credit card company as if some one seeking employment can afford to have or do either sight need to be shut down nothing real about it in months havent bin contacted with one legitimate job offer DONT USE WILL NOT HELP YOU FIND A JOB JUST SPAM TEXTS AND EMAILS
  • Being beyond retirement age, and living comfortably, I have NO desire to find a job. Nor, have I researched any job sites. Suddenly, I began receiving 3-5 emails per day about job openings in my area. All the emails referenced minimum wage jobs; McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Delivery...

    I have NO idea how they got my email address, especially, since I have not visited any sites that were even remotely related to job searches. IF, I was searching for a job, I certainly wouldn't need their help in finding a minimum wage job. And, that would be ignorant on my part, to work at minimum wage, when my Social Security check is more than I would make at minimum wage.

    Every day, I am "unsubscribing" 3 to 4 times to various "positions offered".

    IF, you are truly looking for a job, I would suggest ANY OTHER alternative. This is a hoax and obviously is not connecting anyone to a real employment situation.

    I suggest going to the "old fashioned" way: Create a good resume, consult with REAL people who are in the "working world", who may know of REAL job openings, watch for advertised job openings in your newspaper, enroll in trade schools to learn new trades and be properly trained for more advanced job openings, connect with local employment services who have more insight to positions open in your area.

    AND.."UNSUBSCRIBE" from this mailing list!
  • I don't remember ever visiting JobsRadar or providing my information. I received a text and decided to give it a try. After calling the number, a woman began asking questions so fast and wanted detailed information. If she's not a sales person, then I don't know who is. She talked too fast, was rude, and the background noise was a lot of voices all pressing other people for information. I work for and with several recruiting firms and I can guarantee this is not how we handle potential candidates or clients. Take some advice from every reviewer and ignore any solicitations from JobsRadar.
  • Something smells bad in paradise! First I go to their site to review freelance jobs and it requires me to call a number to be verified.

    The woman starts asking me very personal questions about my financial goals, what my credit is like (she said because all employers check your credit before they will interview), do I have any debt? REALLY? I told her that I keep my credit bureau accounts frozen so, no employer will ever be allowed to check me out before I am certain they are a good fit for ME!

    She ended the call with "I will need to have answers to all of my questions or I will have to end this call."

    I said okay and hung up.

    There are plenty of good, honest sources for job hunting that do not need to know personal data like Stay far away!
  • I call and asked them not to text me, I was surprised when I received it. I was told it was my fault for not reading privacy policy area. She was incredibly rude, I hung up and she called back and told me I was stupid and wouldn't find a job. I will spread this news through social media and will be calling the local TV. This company is awful!!!!!
  • My wife signed up for this yesterday and started telling me about jobs paying $37/hr. I have been searching reputable sites like That's a bit higher than most jobs I've seen. So I asked her to text me the link to the site. She told me to just Google jobsradar and soon as I started typing the third suggestions was jobsradar is a scam.

    I told her about all the many sites like this one are saying the same thing about jobsradar. It's a phishing scam. She said she has not yet received any calls but I bet she will.
  • I have been receiving your emails multiple times every day for rhe past year. I sent a request to stop a long time ago, but even that didn't work. I seriously do not want to receive any more emails.
  • I am still waiting for them to send application to my email. I have 11 years experience in the job I applied for. I can't believe I would not have a chance. I tried to apply again, but not found even though it's still posted. A little upsetting
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