Jobster Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 19 reviews Review It is a job finding database that is free for all job seekers to use. All you need to get started is to create a profile and add a resume.

Jobster acts as a job aggregate website, collecting job openings from all over the internet. They also allow companies to register openings specifically with them or to pay to feature their openings.

Once you create your own personal profile, Jobster will try to match you with relevant job postings based on the tags and categories you’ve included.

Unlike other jobs boards, Jobster claims to have the networking ability to link you with potential employers or others in your industry.

Finally, Jobster offers analytical tools and articles to chart your job search and potentially improve your chances of getting a job.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Jobster " is 1.05 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • Best to apply directly to company. This is a SCAM!
  • I never asked for any help to get a job, and they have been telling me that they have a job just for me. They said all you have to do is reply "STOP", however if I do, they charge me to reply.
  • I think I made the mistake of contacting them twice today. I applied for both a job in Whole Foods and Starbucks, I spoke to two different women and both said they'd be sending the applications to my email. I didn't see anything until I checked my spam and saw two emails that just listed the same places and was telling me to apply all over again. This all happening today, super disappointing to see the reviews after I did all of this.
  • Total hoax. Avoid at all costs. Illegally sells information to other sites, your email will be exploding from other rip offs sites posing as employment sites.
  • I called the 800 number provided to complete my profile at LocalJobster and asked if the number provided was a direct number to a company i was trying to apply to for a job opportunity and after being informed it wasn't , the representative on the phone mocked me after i politely told him "no thank You". Is this the way your reps talk to people on a regular basis? This is very rude and for this reason i will be placing a complaint with the BBB concerning this.
  • I had a horrible experience with Jobster. They immediately sold my personal information to numerous companies. Within 5 minutes of signing up with Jobster, my phone started receiving SPAM calls, my email was flooded with SPAM messages and I started receiving texts from multiple sources! I have not been able to stop this! On average I receive over a dozen calls a day from telemarketers or recording devices. In addition, I still receive multiple texts and emails. I have had my phone number for over 12 years, and will now have to change it to avoid this harassment! Do not give your information to Jobster, unless you like being harassed daily!!
  • Scam. They won't stop texting me even after I pressed STOP. My phone flooded with their mail. Hi
  • This is the worst job site I've tried to use. When you go into this site that says apply for job it never lets you get to application. I am also tired of all the educational conditions.
  • Scam! i talked to some indian guy most likely over seas. i told him i was intrested in a job position at a ford assembly plant that was offered. he asked where i saw myself in the future i told him i'd like to move up to management one day. he put me on the phone with someone else trying to sign me up for college courses. this guy then asked if i would be intrested in culinary. completely unrelated. i hung up. don't give these people any information. somehow they already had some of mine.
  • I cannot tell you how upset I am did that I fell for this "JOBSTER" SCAM. Complete CRAP!!! They had me call a number (after trying to apply for Walmart) claiming to be a

    "Walmart Job Advisor"; The man on the phone was aggressively pushing me to further my education when I was clearly ADAMANT that I did NOT WANT to. HE THEN HUNG UP ON ME. Afterwards, I CALLED the local Walmart and they were SHOCKED at hearing this and had NO idea who these "ADVISORS" could be.

    So, needless to say, I ended up changing all my passwords because they got that info from me. PISSED!!
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