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JustBeenPaid is an online money making program created by Frederick Mann.  The program promises 2% daily earnings, or 60% monthly earnings, and all for only one initial investment of $10.

You can withdraw your earnings daily, or you can keep them in your JustBeenPaid account and compound your earnings.  Your referral bonuses and profits grow as you move up from Level 1 to Level 2 and eventually Level 3.

Recently, JustBeenPaid has been switched to the JSS-Tripler program, though the program promises and requirements have remained the same.

How Does JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler Work?

You can sign up to JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler for free, and receive access to one of Frederick Mann’s online business training programs. However, quickly after signing up, you will be strongly encouraged to subscribe to their paid membership program, which only costs $20 for a 3 month membership.

$5 of your subscription fee goes toward administrative costs, and the remaining $15 is paid directly to your sponsor, the person who referred you to JustBeenPaid.  As long as you remain active in the program, you will continue to pay these fees in these increments to the program and your sponsor.

Once you are a Level 1 subscription member, you can begin to recruit new members, build your downline, and collect your own member payments.  You can actually “purchase” your first two recruits from JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler for $5 a piece, so that you instantly begin making your investment money back.

In addition to the recruiting benefits of being a Level 1 member, you also now have access to Frederick Mann’s “Big Success Breakthrough” program, which is ultimately the product around which JustBeenPaid is centered.

Mann claims that unlike other revenue-sharing, autosurf programs JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler is “indefinitely sustainable.”

What is an AutoSurf Program?

When it comes to investment autosurfs, members either pay a fee to join or to upgrade their account level. This fee can be anywhere from cents to thousands of dollars.

The program then offers a commission based on the member’s account level. In the case of JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler, commissions almost entirely depend on the rate of recruiting you do, and the higher the level you are at, the more money you will earn from your recruits.

While most autosurf programs rely on a type of ad viewing/sharing system, at JustBeenPaid there is actually very little information given about what associates do beyond recruit new members to the program. There are references to “products” and “web seminars” but you must become a member before you learn all those details.

Is JustBeenPaid Legit?

There is a lot of criticism and skepticism surrounding revenue sharing programs, autosurf programs, and other forms of high yield investment programs, which JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler admits to being. While their sales page claims that they are different from other programs, you must be a member in order to get all the details so it is difficult to evaluate whether or not that claim is true.

The initial sign up process is free, but you will not be able to sign up without a Sponsor. In addition, they’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties lately while they officially switch over from JustBeenPaid to JSS-Tripler. If past high yield investment programs are any indication of what to expect from JustBeenPaid, it may be best to proceed with caution.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " JSS-Tripler " is 2.85 out of 5 based on 75 reviews.
  • Just been paid was good to me. Once they started these other programs, it became a scam. In fact, My wife found a check for $1400 in a pile of papers years after. I could not cash it but I cashed lots of checks back then.
  • Can't get to my money and log in lost my user name it's encrypted my old computer fried so I can't Remember it it's Numbers how do I get my user name and my password need in it's been 20 yrs have check it since please help me get my info. thanks for your help
  • this is like digging up an old wound. Just been paid is a heavy scam. I was bankrupt because of this bastards. Am surprised to hear that they still exist. Who is aiding and abetting these guys?
  • Well designed international scam.
  • I remember JBP and profit clicking. Lost most of my initial investment in JBP. Withdrawals were next to impossible, I think after so many attempts I was only able withdraw about 60 bucks at one point and that was even after 100s and 100s of dollar just sitting idle in my account with JBP.

    Every year since, more similar programs are popping up. IMO its the same scammers, but with a new name in hopes to lure new victims. Another program recently that popped up that i suggest that has many similarities is Bitcoin network. The idea is very similar to JBP but the currency used is bitcoin though. Same concept, buy a serveral hundred dollar or 1000s dollars of bitcoin packages and get paid several percent daily for however so long, then there are so called "resets". You get certain amount of bitcion for recruiting new people etc etc. Just another ponzi scheme until it collaspes.
  • I would so love to see frederick mann locked up. I have lost 500 dollars of which I borrowed from centrelink to get me started. I REALLY HOPE HE ROTS WHEREVER HE ENDS UP
  • JSS tripler or PC whatever u call it are bunch of bullcrap.. !! They are just creating an online system that makes u believe that the money u opt to invest has doubled or evn tripled. How do we know?.. Its just fake numbers they put in to ur account making u believe ur money had doubled or tripled.. In fact, you were SCAMMED!!!
  • The Company changes every year or so without paying out even the out of pocket expenses. I lost money with each restart, and no Panels were ever provided in the Tripler. Then Profitclicking, where no withdrawls were possible ... I live in Europe, and I tried at all hours of the day, but they never went through, even trying with the slow method of going through Support. Now with Adclicks, my out of pocket and "virtual" interest has been blocked and I Need to REINVEST in order to retrieve any Money! I will be contacting an attorney regarding them. If anyone is interested please get in touch for a class Action suit. I am Serious!
  • where is justbeen paid, JBB was acuared by profit clicking and now profit clicking has been acquired by ad clix xpress.and they account holders lost their money
  • They are NOT paying however asking for new money by starting and extending a "holiday special" of 3% per day but... still not paying out.

    STAY AWAY!!!! SCAM!!
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