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KaratBars.com is the online home of KaratBars, an international company that offers people the ability to invest in gold, both as an investment option and as specialty gifts and collector’s items.

Companies that offer investment in precious metals often promote this opportunity as one of the safer and more trustworthy investment opportunities, providing charted information that shows the increase in value of these metals over time.

But this company doesn’t only offer traditional investment opportunities. They also say they specialize in specialty collector’s items that help people celebrate important moments, like the birth of a baby, weddings, Easter, Christmas, and birthdays.

What Do They Offer?

Customers always have the option to purchase their small gold bars, which are 999.9 pure gold. Their company also offers professional storage options for these gold bars if that is an option that you choose.

In addition to traditional investment opportunities, KaratBars.com are also known for their KaratBars collector cards, which they say provides gold in the “rare” form of card memorabilia, which makes it more rare and thus more valuable.

According to their website, their goal is to “revolutionize the market” by producing these types of limited edition gold items, which will give people a new way to look at and approach gold investments.

Things to Consider

Though the website states that these collector cards are likely to appreciate in value more, and faster, over time than traditional gold bars, this is speculative. They don’t offer any proof of this other than to say that they will only offer these cards in limited quantities.

They also offer no information about potential returns or refunds, if customers who purchase their specialty gifts are unhappy with what they receive.

Consumers that want more information regarding the claims of this company may want to speak to someone directly. If that interests you, they provide contact information by email at [email protected], or phone at 224-829-0047, though you should know before you make any investment choices that this is an international company that operates in European currency.

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