Kelly Richards Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Kelly RichardsFirst of all, my sympathies go out to anyone actually named Kelly Richards.  It is not your fault that your name has become entwined with a series of scams that have been sweeping the internet recently.

Kelly Richards is a fake persona being used in a variety of scams.  Possibly the most well known and often seen use of Kelly Richards is in the fake news articles.

I’ve tried to do my best at to expose the use of fake news articles.  Fake news sites follow a basic template in which the site poses itself as a local online paper running a feature story on a successful work at home Mom or Dad.

The website owners use an IP tracking tool to make sure that the papers all have your local town in the heading.  So for instance if you live in Fresno, CA when you visit the site the heading would read “Fresno Times” and accordingly for anyone else who visits those sites.

While the fake news site will use a variety of names, Kelly Richards is one of the personas most often used.  Usually she’s a single mother, who has tried to make ends meet for a long time, and was at her wits’ end before she found whatever work at home kit that’s being advertised.

This work at home opportunity allowed her to quit her job, stay at home with her children, and earn a very hefty salary while working hardly ever.  This same work at home opportunity will not provide you with the same benefits, unfortunately.

In addition to fake news sites, it seems these days that Kelly Richards has actually begun her own blog to discuss all the different kits and internet work at home Biz Ops she’s used to earn money.

The Kelly Richards blog is a new tool being used by internet scammers.  The truth is that this name has been used so often in fake news sites, that it now receives a large volume of searches on a daily basis.  So scammers have set up a Kelly Richards blog that you will visit to read about how great Kelly is doing working with this new scam.

Hopefully Kelly Richards’ reign as the Queen of Scam will soon be over.  Now that her name is being used so often, undoubtedly more articles just like this one will be popping up to warn you of her.

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  • Can someone tell me if this is legitimate?
  • Any program that says it's free won't need your card #.. don't get scammed people.. I went to check it out and as soon as I saw that I had to put my card # down for a FREE program I knew it was a scam..
    • Yeah, so I was sent a link by some Molly person in Texas to check this stuff out. I watched the video mid-way, and as soon as she mentioned she makes millions of dollars I didn't believe it and I am quite aware that this is probably a Scam anyway, base on my experience in the past with nonsense like this.

      I did a search for "Kelly Richards" because I mean if shes making millions of dollars at from her computer she must be very famous. I searched online and of course it is a scam. Anyway, I don't feel like continuing this...yeah, Molly is suppose to call me tomorrow to ask me how I like this video...been here, done that before, I may just hang up on her or tell her I'm not interested before she bores me to sleep with this scam nonsense chit-chat.
  • Why in God's name would anyone pay some lazy woman to sit at home and do nothing. This isn't the fifties anymore. Get out and go to work. Being a mom is not a job. You don't get to call it a career just because you hooked up with some stranger at the bar.
    • Some people actually have a mate that they love, Mr. Revealing Post. It's kind of up to them how much money their household needs, not you.
  • stupid kelly richards, this is a scam.
  • This site will only take your money, there is no working link to the mail you get. Please don't be so naive as I was and pay for this bs. And if you did, make sure to close that credit card right away.

  • I thought this kelly Richards ads is true. Why do this ads so viral? Well we must be careful all the time online. Thank you reviewopedia! This page really helps.
  • And yet it is over a year and this scam is still in the US. My bank account got hit today for $159. I did not authorize this transacting by any means.I did not order anything. I was only reading about this money making scam. Went to pick up a pizza and my bankcard was denied. This was fraud.
  • i was just signed for a training package at US$150. after reading all your comments I then realised that i have just became another fool.

    at first 1 paid $1.95 to start off the program, 5 days later they charged me $29.95 for a monthly maintenance fee for website.

    i so regretted that i should have done research first although i knew that i should do it before sign up the program.

    what should i do now ???
  • Without any doubt one of the biggest fraud scams to lure work at home moms. Eventually, the attorney generals of each state will shut her down. Simply, don't get involved and don't waste your hard earned money, been on the Internet for over ten years and I do know what I'm talking about. Scam, just stay away.
  • I just like to say that hold on to your money before you send any private information like your credit card they tell you to wait 10 days so they will get your money ahead of time and you cannot stop the check or put a stop payment on it I tried that and lost my money they said I waited too long and all I was doing was waiting for the package don't make the same mistake like I did just like they said this Kelly richard is a scam
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