Kevin Hoeffer Strikes Again
Kevin’s Money Tree Scam Still Operating

I was surprised to come across two websites still featuring Kevin Hoeffer and his make money posting links on Google kits.  Websites like and were rampant in 2009 until the authorities caught on and launched massive investigations into these fraudulent businesses.

Google itself stepped in and banned the advertising accounts of anyone promoting anything that had to do with make money on Google kits.  These actions seemed to work as these programs disappeared, which makes the reemergence of Kevins Money Tree all the more puzzling, as the owner must know it’s only a matter of time till the sites gets flagged.

Why are The Kevin Hoeffer Money Tree Sites a Scam?

For those who don’t know the back story to this and aren’t sure why these sites are so dangerous let me explain.  Literally everything that has to do with these sites is deceptive in nature: the blog is fake, there is no Kevin Hoeffer, the entire system of getting paid to post links does not exist, and the kits that are sold through these Kevins Money Tree Sites come with hidden monthly charges.

This is why when these sites were in their heyday they generated hundreds of thousands of complaints from customers who got taken into this fabricated story. Ultimately they ended up taking millions of dollars from hard working people just looking to make some extra money.

Realistically the only way to get paid by Google, outside of actually working for the company, is to use the Google AdSense program which pays webmasters for hosting Google Ads on their site.  These can be seen everywhere online from major news sites to popular blogs under the title Ads by Google.  When website visitors click those links the owner of the site gets paid.

On these “Kevins Money Tree” sites the pictures of people holding checks are from this AdSense program, and are used to sell you on the idea that you can make money posting links.  Obviously this is not the case and they’re simply using the pictures to fool you.

Some other deceptive tactics that they use are geographically targeted sales pitches based on your IP Address.  For instance if you visit the site from Alabama it will say Hi I’m Kevin Hoeffer from, closest town to you, Alabama.  I haven’t seen this script installed on these two newest sites, and but I know it’s a tactic they used in the past.

Bottom line is stay away from Kevin Hoeffer and whatever Kit of the week is being pushed through his site as you’ll only end up regretting it.

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