KidzEyes Survey Panel Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of the KidzEyes Survey Panel, a market research company which specially aims to get the assistance of young children in collecting their market research.

Market research is one of the oldest ways to earn money online, and there have been ways for children to participate in this kind of research for years, though in the past their feedback has either been limited to children 13 years of age and older and the feedback is offered through the child’s parents. wants to get the opinions of children directly from the children themselves, and their survey panel is designed specifically for kids between the ages of six and twelve.

How Does It Work?

Their website says that KidzEyes is a division of C+R Research, a full service marketing research company that was established in Chicago in 1959. They launched KidzEyes Survey Panel when they realized how many of their clients were interested in hearing kids’ products so that they could provide better products and services for kids.

In order for children to sign up to participate in this survey panel, parents will be required to give their permission. In fact, there may be time when the parents themselves are asked to give their opinions on their kids’ products and services.

Once your child is registered for their service, their website says that they will be emailed one or two surveys each month for which they will receive KidzPoints for completing. Once you have collected 1000 KidzPoints, you can redeem the points for a check.

Is KidzEyes Survey Panel Legit?

Generally speaking, when it comes to market research, as long as a company allows members to sign up for free and honors their payments to their active members, then they are considered a legitimate online market research company.

When it comes to companies that work with children, however, there are additional concerns. says that all of their market research is COPPA compliant. COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, a Federal Trade Commission rule which regulates how companies can collect and handle information regarding children.

Due to their COPPA compliance and other parents’ reviews of this company, it does appear that is a legitimate company that parents can trust to create market research surveys for their children.

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