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The Killer Content System, located at, is a new automated work at home system from Socrates Socratus, which claims to be able to make a consistent income for anyone, regardless of their skills or experience.

According to the website, the Killer Content System is an “easy to use, push button, dummy proof” system, that you can have up and running in ten minutes, and is completely automated.

For a one time payment of $47, which has currently been discounted to $37 for a brief period of time, you will receive the entire Killer Content System, as well as an 8 week no questions asked refund policy in which to review the program.

The Killer Content System

The system itself consists of the Killer Content software, access to 100 websites, access to more than 15,000 professionally written articles, and the Killer Content article spinner which will give you infinite articles to choose from.

In its most basic way, the system works by having you choose a niche category to create a website in. Once you’ve chosen your category, the article distributors will find articles in your category and post them to your website. The article spinners will take these same articles, and create a duplicate article with different words and phrases, to create even more content.

Socrates, the creator of the Killer Content System, does not explain how this earn you money, but it seems the idea is that websites with good content rank well on search engines, and therefore the simple act of getting people to your site to see ads will earn you an unlimited income.

The Problems

First, the most significant problem with the Killer Content System is the repeated promises of unlimited earning potential, using very little time, and with a system that is “completely automated.”

It is fairly easy to say that such a system does not exist. In the world of internet based business, the phrases “push button” and “fully automated” long ago became tell tale signs of a faulty business system. There simply is no such thing as making money without doing anything, which is essentially what the Killer Content System is promising.

In addition, the tools they give you to provide content for your many websites – article distributors and article spinners – have recently been targeted by Google as negative tools of Search Engine Optimization, and when they determine you are using those tools, the rankings of your websites will be negatively affected.

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