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LaLaLoot is a gaming site providing entertainment with the ability to earn money at the same time. This site is one of many “Get Paid To” (GPT) sites which are enticing for people who want to make money from home. Companies pay for advertising space on GPT sites and the GPT sites payout members for participating in the advertisers’ and sponsors’ offers.

These offers include surveys, research, reviews, referrals and much more. Advertising through these sites is a marketing tactic used to direct traffic to their site while their offers are used to collect data and compile statistics for development purposes.

The way to earn money on LaLaLoot is to win games using tokens that are earned by completing offers. During the first 5 days of your membership you are able to earn tokens by simply viewing advertisers’ offers. After the initial 5 days tokens are earned by completing offers provided by advertisers and sponsors.

For each offer completed in its entirety, fulfilling the unique requirements of that specific offer, you will earn the number of tokens displayed on the offer. As you continue to earn more tokens, you can play more games and increase your chances of winning. To request a cash-out, you must have at least $20.00 in winnings; it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to receive payment.

Some GPT’s are not legit and will not pay out members for their completed offers; essentially, they keep all of the money from their advertisers. To find a reliable GPT site, read reviews and compare earning patterns of their members. When sites have continuously low payouts, it may not be worth joining. Why spend valuable time completing offers if you have no chance of winning money?

Some GPT sites are reliable when they are first introduced; however, they may eventually stop paying out their members or possibly even “close up shop” without warning. There is no guarantee to make money on GPT sites; spending valuable time completing offers may be risky.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " LaLaLoot " is 1.83 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
  • So although it is a pain in the butt to go through the offers, I found a game I really enjoy. LalaLoot said if I hit level 7 I would get like 20 free spins or something along those lines. I already have $10 so just need another $10 to cash out. The exact day I hit my requirement the site has been down. They have no problem sending me emails but absolutely nothing when trying to access...what a joke.
  • yes they are scam for sure takes forever ton offers to get spins to earn enough to cashout then cashout and 3 months later still no payment and no reply when i contact them so yes 100% scam avoid all their sites and i hope they get investigated and prosecuted for stealing money under false pretenses from affiliates by promising to pay us if we spin and win and dont pay.they are not christians they are liars and thiefs and they will eventually get whats coming to them.
  • Didn't get credited for many purchases and things I signed up for, even after submitting tickets with proof. they responded by saying that their system showed no record. (even though I had email confirmations) Trialpay was not good about crediting spins, they made excuses. I have had problems with trialpay in the past, on other sites. Now, I finally got enough money to cash out and alls I get is a blank page with 'socket could not open'. So I have contacted them yet again... I have a feeling I wont get my money. I don't want their stupid restaurant card. I will be reporting the site.
  • As expected, I see that I'm not alone with my problems I encountered with this company. When I had finally accumulated enough to cash out, they informed me several weeks later that they had come across some fraudulent activity, but since they also saw some activity that was not fraudulent, they would offer me a gift card instead of cash. I replied that I had never engaged in fraudulent activity and saw their accusations as just an excuse, but accepted their offer, because I thought it would be better than nothing. That was several weeks ago, and I'm still waiting. It was so obvious that what they came up with was a lame excuse. They just don't want to pay period. The way it looks to me, it's them who are engaging in fraudulent activity, not I. If they want to prove they are legitimate, they have to pay. I'll contact them one more time to inquire about the gift card they offered. Whether they answer or not, I'm going to close down my account with them and the Casual Gaming Brands site, which, I assume, is the parent company, since I repeatedly got replies from them to e-mails I had sent to Lalaloot. As long as I'm at it, I should also mention that I was not paid for a survey I completed for Lalaloot many weeks ago, not even after submitting a support ticket. It's obvious that there is something seriously wrong with this company.
  • I have also had problems with this company about payment. They come up with some lame excuses and hid behind legal crap. Have contacted the attorney general of Californa about this matter . I suggest everyone that has had problems with do the same.
  • I haven't received any money so far, and i know it's been awhile. Don't even know how to contact them.
  • Stopped getting credit for offers and they paid my first payout, but never got second one . Customer service never responds to complaints and over 70% of the download offers put trojans, viruses adwere on computer. The wins are few. Go to Casino site
  • I downloaded some games from their site and ended up with many many malicious programs, some harder to remove than others. I am 100% sure that they came from those games. I should have known better. BE CAREFUL. Aside from that terrible thing happening, the site is not bad when you just participate in the surveys and offers.
  • This is a very good game if you aren't a patient person then this isn't the game for you
  • I think Lalaloot is a scam as well. They very quickly let you earn 12 to 14 dollars. Then you have to fill out surveys which you never qualify for to get more spins, which you never get. You can download and play games for more free spins, but after you download the game, you never get the free spins. A complete waste of time and effort. I like mypoints for surveys and earning prizes. Don't wast your time.
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