Larry’s Cash Machine Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Larry’s Cash Machine, found online at, is a new website that claims it will let people “tap into the Ivy League’s biggest income generating secret” and that it is worth millions.

According to the video presentation on their website, this system is free, has no hidden charges, and will provide you with a step by step system of exactly how to use this system to make money quickly and easily.

What is Larry’s Cash Machine?

The bottom line is that Larry’s Cash Machine is a website that is locating and securing customers for another company called BeeOptions. BeeOptions is a company that specializes in a particular kind of investment, called binary options.

Binary options is a type of investment that asks people to decide whether a specific stock will call (raise in value) or put (fall in value) during a pre-determined amount of time. Customers who make the right choice will receive an immediate return on their investment.

According to Larry’s Cash Machine, the type of binary options trading their program works with those trades which attempt to predict the change of a stock’s value over the course of just one minute.

Is This a Real Investment Opportunity?

While binary options is both a legal and real investment opportunity, the proposal of an effortless way to earn money is not completely accurate. The truth is that BeeOptions offers their members something called the “Trader Choice” tool. This tool shows their users which direction the majority of BeeOptions members are choosing in regards to a certain trade. They say this tool allows you to “use the wisdom of the crowd” when making your put or call decisions.

But BeeOptions has used this same promotional platform before, except instead of Larry’s Cash Machine, it was called Euro Millionaire System. All the claims were the same, and the urging that “the more money you deposit the faster you will earn” is repeated here as well.

And the reality is that while money can be made with binary options trading, the truth is that as with any investment opportunity it is just as easy to lose your money as it is to make money, and customers should never invest more than they can lose comfortably.

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