Learn Build Earn Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Learn Build Earn is the online home of The 6 Step Master Plan created by Mark Ling, which says that it can give anyone a six step proven system to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Mark Ling is considered an “internet marketing expert” who has made millions of dollars by creating training products which help other people learn how to create their own internet marketing businesses.

With his new 6 Step Master Plan program, Mark Ling is offering people access to a free webinar where they can begin learning what they need to become a successful internet marketer, just like him.

The Promises

The Learn Build Earn website says that they want to teach people a simple six step system on how to use “weird” niche markets to successfully create their own business online even if you have previously made many, many mistakes while trying to create an online business.

This program will teach you to choose the right unique niche for your business, how to block 99% of competitors from your niche so that you are the “King or Queen” of your niche, and how to get traffic to your website to capitalize on your niche.

In addition to the webinar series, to which you can sign up for free, they will give you a free bonus book called The Destiny Opportunity which helps outline all the lessons they claim they will teach their members.

What to Consider

Just because this website frequently talks about how they allow their members to register for their webinar series for free does not actually mean that people will be able to complete their course for free. There is no doubt that they will actually expect you to pay for this program eventually, but they want to you to experience the free webinar before they explain exactly what the cost of this program will be.

In addition any program that claims to show you a “guaranteed” or proven way of teaching you how to make money online doesn’t actually offer any guarantee whatsoever. The bottom line is always that customers will only be able to get a lot of the opportunity if they are able to put a lot into the opportunity, and that means a lot of everything – time, effort, and money.

Customers who are interested in trying this opportunity for themselves should also know that while their website says they offer their customers a Refund Policy, the website doesn’t actually promise a refund. They just say for their customers to contact them if they feel they want to request a refund. So customers considering this opportunity should keep in mind that this opportunity will take a lot of time, effort, and money which they may not be able to get back if it doesn’t pay off for them.

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