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Learn with Anthony, at www.LearnWithAnthony.com, is a new website featuring a video which promotes an affiliate marketing training program created by “internet millionaire” Anthony Morrison.

The informative video found a LearnWithAnthony.com is actually the same video featured at another Morrison website, called SuccessWithAnthony.com. This video shows Anthony Morrison traveling the country, helping people who have never earned money online before.

LearnWithAnthony.com is actually a new landing page promoting the same opportunity found at Success with Anthony, which Morrison claims gives anyone the necessary training to earn an online income.

And for the people who are willing to sign up today, Morrison will sell you his training program at a discounted price of $49.00, though it normally sells for $99.00.

The Business Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is likely the most popular and potentially most profitable online industry in today’s market. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by advertising the goods and services of another company, and if your link results in sales for that company, you will be paid commission.

The program featured on the Learn with Anthony site focuses on Morrison’s Three Success Factors: The Right Motivation, The Right Mindset, and The Right Education. The video says that using the Success with Anthony program is just as good as being trained by Anthony, personally.

And while it is up to you to provide the first two Success Factors, the video practically guarantees you the third, through both step-by-step training and a one-on-one email consultation with Anthony Morrison himself.

What You Should Know

The most basic explanation is that Morrison’s program teaches you to be an affiliate through one of the world’s most popular online marketplaces, the Clickbank Digital Marketplace.

And there is also a 60 day window provided for you to check out the program. The video says that if you experience dissatisfaction “for any reason,” you can send an email request for a refund and you’ll be given one “on the spot.”

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Learn With Anthony " is 1.31 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • A heartbreaking rip-off.
  • These people have a Better Buisness Bureau rating of an F, stay away, it's a scam!
  • I think people are pretty stupid to sign up for crap like this. Including my bf. I was just dumbfounded to learn that he thought this was a legit thing. There is plenty of free info from legit people running businesses that post tips and videos to help people for free. Google and Youtube. Or go read a business book. If you're not willing to put time into research, there is no way you will successfully run a business anyhow. COMMON SENSE!
  • Mr.Morrison,

    I was not able to view your complete video. Each time I would get to the second person your flew to help, the video would freeze. I would really appreciate it if someone could see if this can be helped. I am interested in doing online work from my home.

    Thank you,

  • I tried this program and only paid $19.00 (thank god)

    after three videos and many upgrades for extra money of course

    (which i did not pay)i felt that it was nothing that i was interested in

    i called the 1-888-765-1574 number and the lady was very nice and

    talked me back into trying the program to give it 60 days

    i went through some for three hrs and got bored

    went to use three days later and i can not get back into program

    and no one to contact or get it fixed well come Monday i will be calling again to get a refund

    too much stuff to go through and no one to help unless you want to pay much more for help

    do i know if it works "no" do i want to pay Anthony to find out

    • If you made a copy of the 60 day guarentee along with your purchase and the date of purchase, you can try to send your bank a copy and have them refund the money from anthony's account. Let the bank know you was not happy with the purchase and want a refund. Give the bank an address of the company. Do it quickly. These people need to be put out of business with their scams

      Good Luck.
  • I have had enough of everything internet. Work from home. Stay home and get rich. All of us get involved, in these programs and none of us make anything. I have thrown away $25,000 for nothing. I have spent years trying to make more money from home than if I had a job. It"s over for me. I am going out to get a 9 to 5 job. Even if I have to live paycheck-to paycheck, at least I will make something. It"s better than being lied to all the time. Good luck to all of you. May God help you. Because internet marketing wont.
  • Hi i would like to know if there is one person that is making money from this learning with Anthony program let me know. i bought the package i dont understand what the hell he is talking about. He just wants u to buy things all the time and i cant see how u can make money, help me some body.
  • What a scam.. I am requesting a refund. But you have to track the guy down just to get out of it.

    "F..." this.
  • Anthony you are a liar and the truth is not in you . You said that anyone tried your program and found out it was not for them they could unsubscribe NO QUESTIONS asked i kept this for exactly 4 days it was not something that i wanted to do I unsubscribe from it 2 of your people called I said I did not want to do the program the next thing i know you stole 45.00 dollars from my debit card it is people like you that need to be put in jail it is just the same thing as scamming people out of their money on top of that because I did not know that you were going to do that i have been taken for a over draft of 35.00 so thanks to you i want be having a Christmas so i hope you have a Very Merry Christmas it is all about Jesus Birthday and he is the one that can put a stop to people like you
  • Just another shabby scam to prey on people. The only one making money is Anthony. Don't get involved in this ripoff.
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