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Lexington Law is a law firm that specializes in repairing your bad credit. They have helped over 500,000 clients repair their credit since they began in 1991.

You can begin your services with Lexington Law by receiving a free consultation of your credit report and score. They will identify your financial strengths and weaknesses and let you know what steps you need to take.

Lexington Law says people often need the help of someone to repair their credit score because they do not understand all the elements necessary to make the changes to their credit report.

According to their website, credit repair requires time, knowledge of various federal consumer laws, as well as meticulous communication skills and record keeping.

The free consultation is no obligation, but if you do decide to contract the services of Lexington Law there is a $99.95 initial work fee, and the a monthly fee between $59.95 and $99.95 depending on the service package you would like to purchase.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Lexington Law " is 3.56 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • Is Lexington Law a scam?

    At this point, I know ONE thing : I used 2 different trusted resources to get my FICO score (long time banking sources) - both results were within 3 points.

    Lexington Law gave me an initial FICO score 40 points below these 2. I have suspect that my score will magically be raised, - 40 points?
  • This is not a legitimate business but a SCAM!! Check out the BBB for the large number of complaints they have had.

    The positive reviews are bogus - probably added by Lexington Law Firm themselves.
  • Lexington Law has been helping me tremendously. I've been with them since Aug. and already have 25 items removed from my credit report! My score has jumped 80 points. I know you could do the work yourself but I don't have the time. How'd the heck did they get 2 judgements removed?! The 100 bucks is money well spent. Hopefully, they can get a few more items off by Jan. and I can get the car I want at a much better interest rate!
  • It's sad that people have to debase others' reviews just because they themselves had a bad experience or didn't want to pay for a service and invest in themselves. Lexington Law helped me turn my credit around. Does the service cost money? Yes. But it's an investment that has paid for itself ten fold. Due to medical bills and loss of work my credit score took massive hits. I went from a 710 to 484. I couldn't even get approved for satellite television. I called Lexington Law and invested in myself. They helped me raise my credit score. Did I still owe my creditors money? Sure. But thanks to Lexington Law helping raise my credit score, now I can get approved for loans, credit cards, all sorts of things I may need to get my life back on track now that I'm working again. Thanks, Lexington Law!
  • Do not use Lexington Law these first good reviews are not the honest truth this company is a rip off. This review says Lexington Law has worked on their credit for many years which I seriously doubt cause that would $1200 a year and they service is definatly not worth a penny. Unless you want to pay them 100 a month to send one or two letters and then wait 90 days just for a response then stay away. complete waste of money
  • I called Lexington Law 1-800-458-4206 and they were very professional and turned my credit around. A+ Company
  • Lexington Law raised my credit score 180 points.
  • I am so Happy that I decided work with Lexington Law Firm. I called Lexingtonlaw at 1-877-375-3165 in November 2011 to get started.Now seems like every week I get some good news. I really like the text messages, The little message saying something has been removed from my report is a great boost to any day.
  • Lexington Law Firm Has been working on my Credit for many Yrs. and have done everything they promised - To be Honest,They have done more than they promised. This company has provided me and my family with first rate service,and have repaired my credit better than I actually thought possible. They have contacted the people required to repair my Fico Scores and Changed my life and made it possible to Invest in Real Estate. I will ALWAYS tell everyone I know that Lexington Law Firm has done a First Rate Job,Are Honest,and Helpful. I will use them as long as I need them - No Questions Asked. AND NO I DON'T WORK THERE OR GET PAID FROM THEM TO SAY THIS.
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