LGN Prosperity Reviews – Legit or Scam?

LGN ProsperityLGN Prosperity is another combination of travel club and work at home business opportunity.  A travel club offers you discounted travel to a variety of places around the world in exchange for a one time fee to be part of their club.  The LGN Prosperity travel club works with timeshare condos as opposed to standard hotels.

However, LGN Prosperity is also a work at home business opportunity.  For an extra $30, you can become an associate of LGN Prosperity, with a website up and running for the promotion of others to buy memberships into the LGN Prosperity travel club.

As a business opportunity, LGN Prosperity works on the 2×2 matrix.  This means that, through your website, you would sign up two business associates for LGN, who in turn would also sign up two business associates each.  Once the six person matrix is complete, you would receive compensation of $600, and immediately be entered into a new matrix.

This means that you are not paid per sale; instead you are paid when customers that you sell to also complete sales to others.  If, for some reason, one of your customers fails to sell two more memberships, than you receive nothing.

So is LGN Prosperity a Scam?

Well, many previous 2×2 matrix internet business opportunities have been scams – specifically, a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is a business model where money is made primarily by recruiting new members to the business opportunity.  The product that the company is supposed to be selling is not a real product.

LGN Prosperity actually seems like they are not a pyramid.  Their travel club card actually will get you access to a website that you can use to book vacations.  However, this website is the property of another travel club called Holiday Travel of America, which has some fairly atrocious reviews.

Complaints have been filed against HTOA for not honoring refunds, for charging absurd taxes and fees on their discounted trips, for refusing to schedule trips unless you pay to ‘upgrade’ your accommodations – the list goes on.

So while LGN Prosperity does have an actual product, it’s an unreliable product that doesn’t seem worth the money.

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