Lie Detector Millionaire Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Lie Detector Millionaire, found online at, is a new type of trading software that claims to be developed by “some of the best finance traders in the world” and is now available to individuals for their own personal use.

The LDM software was designed by Daniel Wilking and is described as being used by some of the most profitable traders and investment companies in the world to make regular, dependable profits.

The website says that this is the world’s only “no loss trading software” and they are currently providing it to 50 testers completely for free in order to gather more data for the company before they open it up to be used by the general public.

What is Lie Detector Millionaire Promising?

According to their website, the Lie Detector Millionaire software says that their current users are making between $50,000 and $200,000 each week, and that their average user is able to earn nearly $500,000 in profits each month.

In order to qualify for use of this software, customers create a brand new account with the binary options trading platform partnered with the software provider. Customers who have existing accounts with binary options platforms will not be able to use those accounts – access to the software is only available when you open a brand new account.

Once you have established your new account, you can begin using this software to make your own money. Lie Detector Millionaire says the more you invest in the beginning, the more you have the opportunity to earn, but they also promise that it is “impossible to lose” with this software

The Problems

The bottom line is that Lie Detector Millionaire is an unethical, scam company that should be avoided at all costs. There simply is no company, no investment advisor, and no investment software that can promise people that they will never, ever lose a single penny of their money while investing, to the point where they can plan on earning more than a half million dollars each and every month, without end.

The truth is that Lie Detector Millionaire is just one of many, many different investment software companies that make these exact same promises regarding success and earnings, when the reality is not one of them can really deliver the things they promise. The truth is this company has one single goal: to sign up customers for a new trading account.

Customers are unable to use an existing trading account with this software because Lie Detector Millionaire makes money whenever they bring a new customer to the platform of their choice. So even though they claim their system is free of charge, they earn money whenever you decide to create an account with their platform.

And since they let their investors use their system “for free” they have no incentive whatsoever to help people earn money. Their only goal is to sign up new investors for trading – if the investors they have signed up lose money and quit trading, Lie Detector Millionaire already has their money in the bank.

The truth is that all automated trading software is a waste of time and money, so customers who are interested in binary trading would be much better off reading and studying this type of trading and working with a platform and a licensed adviser directly, than relying on one of these “get rich quick” systems.

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