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The website is a portal for MyFunLIFE, a mobile travel and health application that gives members a wide variety of travel benefits as well as an MLM business opportunity.

Multi level marketing (MLM) is a specific type of business opportunity where people have multiple different sources of income, most notably commissions from direct sales and from recruiting new members and creating a downline.

People who are interested in being a MyFunLIFE representative need only purchase their membership at a cost of $21 per month, and they can start taking advantage of the application benefits as well as the earning opportunity.

The Problems

Whenever you are considering joining an MLM opportunity, it is important to feel strongly about the quality of the product you are selling, since first and foremost that is what you are representing. Only then should you look at the business opportunity.

MyFunLIFE, however, makes this incredibly difficult, as they keep the majority of the details regarding both the benefits of their app and how it works under tight wraps. is a good example of this. Until you are signed up as a member and have a referral code from another existing member, you are not even allowed to see the “Overview” of their product on any of their web pages.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, from the little information that is available for free online, this service gives you access to benefits similar to a travel club. They mention lower prices for travel bookings through a specific service and access to timeshare condos worldwide.

These benefits sound incredibly tempting, and there are many people who are likely willing to pay $21 to get a full understanding of them, especially since the company also promises that you will have 30 days in which to request a refund if you are not happy with what you get.

However, a company which creates a situation where it is difficult to understand what you are truly buying until after you buy it is never good. You should always feel as though the product you are representing can stand up to scrutiny and have a credible reputation, since ultimately that is what creates a long term successful MLM, like Mary Kay or Avon.

However, if you are still interested in signing up for this program, make sure that you understand the Terms of the refund policy up front.

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