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Lion Streams, found online at, is a new multi-level marketing opportunity which promises people that they can get a new way to enjoy high quality in home entertainment and make money at the same time.

Members who sign up at Lion Streams will receive an Amlogic S905 streaming box, which has the ability to connect to all your Android devices and provide live streaming capabilities to your television.

However, customers also immediately become an affiliate of the Lion Streams service where they are instantly able to earn money from signing up additional Lion Streams affiliates.

How Does Lion Streams Work?

To begin with customers will need to pay a monthly fee of $49.95 to maintain their Lion Streams affiliate status; the cost of their Amlogic S905 box will be included in the first month’s fee.

This monthly fee is distributed among the downlines of existing affiliates. Members will receive a $15 fee per affiliate you directly recruit, $10 per affiliates that are recruited by the members you directly recruited, and $5 per affiliate that is recruited by those new affiliates.

Members also have the opportunity to invest additional money, between $20 and $160, in order to have additional opportunities for returns on their investments. Their website explains each of these additional investment opportunities and the higher earnings they can provide for affiliates.

The Reality

This company isn’t actually a multi-level marketing opportunity; it is a Ponzi Scheme. The difference between an honest MLM and a Ponzi Scheme is in the products they sell and how their members earn money.

In order to be a real MLM opportunity, members would need to be able to purchase one of their Amlogic S905 streaming boxes without being forced to be an affiliate. In addition, people who did choose to be affiliates would also need to be able to earn money from selling the boxes without recruiting new affiliates.

Since Lion Streams doesn’t provide these opportunities for their customers, they are a Ponzi Scheme, which is a type of illegal money making scheme that requires people to make repeated investments and sign up new members.

The earnings paid to all old members comes from the fees of the new members. Since no money is actually being made from any products or services, this method of earning eventually collapses when no new members are being recruited and everyone involved ends up losing money.

The bottom line, of course, is that no one should get involved with this opportunity at all. Customers who are interested in purchasing one of these streaming boxes can find them at for under $40.

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