LowerMyBills.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Lower My BillsLowerMyBills.com is a website that claims to provide you with quotes from competing companies to ensure that you can get the lowest possible monthly payments on everything from mortgage to car insurance.

In order to provide you with these quotes, Lower My Bills must acquire from you a vast amount of personal information.  Your address, phone number, email address, social security number, credit score – the list goes on and on.

After you have provided them with this information, Lower My Bills promises to provide you with the best possible quote.  Yet, after submitting all your information, instead of receiving a quote from Lower My Bills, you are told you will be contacted within 24 hours with a quote.

How Does LowerMyBills Work?

LowerMyBills.com essentially collects your information and then sells it to everyone they can.  Their Privacy Policy states plainly that your information will be given to all companies or partners that can provide you information that you requested – say, information on lowering your car insurance – and every company they partner with who can give you information on products or services you may be interested in.  This last line basically gives them the ability to disseminate your information to anyone they wish.

Many customers complain that they were led to believe through the company advertisements that they would be provided with information and quotes online.  However, after their information was submitted, they received no information online, rather they began receiving multiple phone calls a day from various salespeople who had their information and were hoping to sell them a service.

What You Should Know About LowerMyBills

First, Lower My Bills attempts to attain a large amount of personal and financial information from you on their website.  Perhaps the biggest issue with Lower My Bills is that there is no such thing as “submitting” your information. As you go through the process of filling out your info, you are given vague messages urging you to answer further questions and fill out more and more information.

But what you don’t realize is that every time you move forward in the process, the information that you have filled out is collected and given to salespeople to use to contact you.  It doesn’t matter if you quit halfway through the process or one minute into the process – whatever info you filled out is considered submitted, and then taken and given out to salespeople.

Another issue with Lower My Bills is that because they are linked to mortgage institutions and therefore have the ability to collect large amounts of personal financial information over the internet, their Terms page states that they cannot and will not “delete” your information.  Because of the Federal Financial Privacy Law, they must store your financial information for a set period of time.

Therefore, if you contact them and ask them to “delete” your information, your request will go ignored, and you will continue receiving phone calls and emails from advertisers and salespeople.  Instead, request that they stop sharing or selling your information to their partners or other companies.

Finally, though LowerMyBills.com claims to be an Experian company, they are considered an entirely different branch of the corporation, so any phone calls to Experian requesting help or assistance in dealing with Lower My Bills will be ignored.  In order to deal with Lower My Bills directly, please send all requests in writing to:

Attn: Law Department
4859 W Slauson Ave #405
Los Angeles, CA 90056

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • They use a red MAGA hat with hysteric joy of chump eliminating another pres 0bamma program. this alone made me want to drive down to their offfice and offer a new dental plan.
  • This feels like a SCAM but if you investigate Lower My Bills you will discover (as did I),that we have been manipulated and sucked into giving out tons of our personal information that we would not have given out if we had understood the reality of what we were doing.
  • This company Lowermybills is a Joke and Should Not be Allowed on the internet to RIP-off people of their personal information for some Very Strange Reasons? I would Really lay into them, but it's against the rules as They Should Be Too. What a backwards world we live in. It Just doesn't Seem Fair I Would Love to Ripp Into Them for them Ripping People off. What Real Creeps!!!
  • You are Just Ripoffs. You take People's Personal Information and Spread it Around. You Are REAL CREEPS!!! I'd say worse if it weren't against the rules,but I'm Sure That you Can read between the lines...And it's Not Good!
  • What a scam stay away
  • FRUAD!!! In there head line they stated "Trump Is ending another Obama Era Program" this program was already slated to end as it was part of the big Obama Era bailout..... WOW what BS. If anyone who reads this and knows anything about the U.S. economy they would run from these people as they tell you from the jump, they operate on lies and deception......

    But I guess when you put your true intentions in you Privacy Policy it makes the lies and false headlines OK....No people it's not OK and we need to stand up to this kind of BS and for GOD sake please read the Privacy Policy these companies post. It's your only defense!
  • This is just a way to manipulate consumers. They still lure you with HARP that has expired and did not benefit anyone in the first place. AOL and others still allow them to advertise on their sites. The scam artists do not care about you or anyone else. It is about their bankroll. Shame on AOL, The Weather Channel and others that continue this "bate and switch!"
  • Stay away unless you want a 1000 phone calls!!!
  • This is the old "bait and switch". HARP has restrictions that apply to almost no-one! They con you into giving information and then the calls never stop. If I could hunt these criminals down they would find out that I am a Marine with many skills.
  • How do I make the phone calls stop?
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