LowerMyBills.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Lower My BillsLowerMyBills.com is a website that claims to provide you with quotes from competing companies to ensure that you can get the lowest possible monthly payments on everything from mortgage to car insurance.

In order to provide you with these quotes, Lower My Bills must acquire from you a vast amount of personal information.  Your address, phone number, email address, social security number, credit score – the list goes on and on.

After you have provided them with this information, Lower My Bills promises to provide you with the best possible quote.  Yet, after submitting all your information, instead of receiving a quote from Lower My Bills, you are told you will be contacted within 24 hours with a quote.

How Does LowerMyBills Work?

LowerMyBills.com essentially collects your information and then sells it to everyone they can.  Their Privacy Policy states plainly that your information will be given to all companies or partners that can provide you information that you requested – say, information on lowering your car insurance – and every company they partner with who can give you information on products or services you may be interested in.  This last line basically gives them the ability to disseminate your information to anyone they wish.

Many customers complain that they were led to believe through the company advertisements that they would be provided with information and quotes online.  However, after their information was submitted, they received no information online, rather they began receiving multiple phone calls a day from various salespeople who had their information and were hoping to sell them a service.

What You Should Know About LowerMyBills

First, Lower My Bills attempts to attain a large amount of personal and financial information from you on their website.  Perhaps the biggest issue with Lower My Bills is that there is no such thing as “submitting” your information. As you go through the process of filling out your info, you are given vague messages urging you to answer further questions and fill out more and more information.

But what you don’t realize is that every time you move forward in the process, the information that you have filled out is collected and given to salespeople to use to contact you.  It doesn’t matter if you quit halfway through the process or one minute into the process – whatever info you filled out is considered submitted, and then taken and given out to salespeople.

Another issue with Lower My Bills is that because they are linked to mortgage institutions and therefore have the ability to collect large amounts of personal financial information over the internet, their Terms page states that they cannot and will not “delete” your information.  Because of the Federal Financial Privacy Law, they must store your financial information for a set period of time.

Therefore, if you contact them and ask them to “delete” your information, your request will go ignored, and you will continue receiving phone calls and emails from advertisers and salespeople.  Instead, request that they stop sharing or selling your information to their partners or other companies.

Finally, though LowerMyBills.com claims to be an Experian company, they are considered an entirely different branch of the corporation, so any phone calls to Experian requesting help or assistance in dealing with Lower My Bills will be ignored.  In order to deal with Lower My Bills directly, please send all requests in writing to:

Attn: Law Department
4859 W Slauson Ave #405
Los Angeles, CA 90056

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • This review is almost completely fictitious. I used to work for this company, and they have to abide by the same rules & regulations that any bank has to comply with concerning consumer data. They don't collect data until a consumer completes the process, and they are not allow to use any information that's not submitted in full. Furthermore, they don't collect any additional data or any personal financial information "over the internet" from any other mortgage institutions. They are part of Experian, (One of the "big 3" credit bureaus) so all data is kept in strict secure measures mandated by federal law. If you want to not be contacted by mortgage companies, they will contact each company on your behalf to stop. I know this company has helped a lot of people get a better deal on their mortgage, car insurance, and other services, so if you're looking for competitive bids, it may be something to try.
    • To "T" - when you clicked no thanks, you were saying it to putting in your SSN, not to stop the process entirely. there are different forms of leads that are given to mortgage companies. there is nothing illegal about what they are doing in any way. when you start inquiring, you will get information - that simple
    • You are delusional!!! I STOPPED the online process, by clicking on "No Thanks" when I was asked to provide my SS#, and within a half an hour received two phone calls from different loan agencies informing me that they received my phone number from lowermybills.com. Apparently they have changed their process sense you left the company.
    • "They don't collect data until a consumer completes the process, and they are not allow to use any information that's not submitted in full." This is utterly and ridiculously false. Friend of mine foolishly provided information up until a social security number was requested, that's when they closed their browser. They had already provided their phone number, which has been called 3 times in the last 2 hours by company of yours.
  • I hadnt given any personal info other than my car make and model but something made me stop and google peoples reviews of that services im that I did because these people are awful selling your info and houndind you with calls. Everyone seems to lack professionalism today its discouraging as you cant really trust anyone anymore.
  • I started entering my information for lowermybills.com's website. When the form asked me for my social security number I was uneasy so I tabbed to Google and searched for anything about the company. The first 10 hits were complaints about the company ranging from slightly irritated to very upset and seeking revenge. After reading these reviews I decided that submitting the last page with my SSN would be a bad idea so I opened the tab where I had stopped before clicking on the "Continue" button and low and behold the page had grabbed the information and was now displaying the next steps. I am positive that I did not hit "Enter" or click "Continue". Now I can look forward to hundreds of phone calls from jerks trying to sell me something. Even though I didn't submit the information and the company is less than honest, I am such an idiot for even following the original link.

    Shame on you lowermybills.com for your unethical scripting practices and shame on me for falling for it. I know much better.
  • Can anyone tell how to prevent the ads from lowermybills.com to appear ?

    I find them unbecoming for an American citizen.
  • The ads are so incredibly annoying as well. Can any legal action be taken against them for false advertisement?
    • Probably not. The politicians receive big bucks from these liberal hacks. Mostly Demoncrats, but sadly Repubicans. It will not stop until they have bankrupted this country.
  • I am retired and spend hours at a time filling out the forms for lowermybills with fictitious information. I have nothing else to do so I send them tons of made up info to screw with the system. Maybe if they get enough bogus info, they will go away.
    • Way to go!!
    • I have not laughed that hard in a long time! And to "dumbass": if your talking about the countless mid to lower level people that were involved in allowing these ridiculous loans to be pushed through the system for people that had no history of even decent money management as well as no current or immediate future assets/income to allow for the aforementioned predatory loans as long as they were collecting a commission and "tee-ing up" the next sucker until the whole thing finally got pulled out from underneath them and to this day still lingers as the biggest reason for are financial recession and all the BS piled on by are esteemed representatives in the government? I would to you that nobody is crying over spilled milk when it comes to that POS Industry.
    • Excellent! Paying them with the same b s. keep it up.
    • How does someone calling you to discuss your quest for information on some sort of financial issue make them a "jerk"? I work for a mortgage company and speak to people all day that have legitimately requested information on rates, programs, costs, or any number of questions that they might have.

      If someone is merely seeking information, that is what they will get. If they want a new mortgage, they can get that too. My experience has been that most people get upset with the volume of phone calls that they get when they go to a website to check on rates or programs. I would agree that this could be annoying, but I am merely trying to make a living and someone does not want to talk to me, I say thank you for time and hang up. I find it hard to figure out how this makes me a jerk.
    • Good work, Bart! Keep it up.
    • You're an idiot. You know who ends up paying for that??? Mortgage people that are working hard and paying their hard earned money to get legitimate leads of people that actually need help with their mortgage. go get a hobby you moron.
    • You are awesome!!
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