Lucrosa Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of the Lucrosa, is a new binary options software program which promises to help people earn money hundreds of dollars a day, even if they have no experience trading.

Their website makes a variety of grand promises to their prospective customers, saying that US based members who use this software are able to earn $600 per hour with this program, or up to $210,000 every month.

At the very least, their website says that their automated tracking system guarantees all members daily profits of “at least $7,250 per day.”

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are a specific kind of trading where the investor is asked one question: will the value of a particular stock rise or fall during a specific time period? This time period can vary between one minute and six months, though the most common time periods range between one minute and one hour.

In addition, binary options trades can be made about stocks of all kinds, but the most common stock associated with this kind of trading is foreign exchange, which is exactly what type of trading Lucrosa does, and which they admit carries “a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.”

The Lucrosa website says that their software “uses cutting-edge technology” to determine which trades will be the winning trades “with remarkable accuracy,” and to ensure that you will make profitable trades that meet their earnings claims.

The Problems

This is another one of those companies where it is difficult to know where to begin identifying all the problems with this company and the promises they make. First and foremost, the earnings claims they make are completely absurd. No trading software can “guarantee” that their customers will earn more than $7,000 each and every day, especially when all that guarantee is, is a simple statement on their sales page that isn’t backed up anywhere on their website.

The truth is that Lucrosa is just another binary options trading bot which promises people large earnings when the reality is that all they really want is to get new customers to sign up for their chosen binary options trading platform, so they can earn commissions.

Customers who are interested in this type of trading are welcome to try it for themselves, with a respectable and decent trading platform. The risk will still be high, but at least you won’t need to have to deal with false promises and earning money for a company that is manipulating you.

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  • I replied to the advert. Quickly people phoned me and everything started to move very fast until I put my investment. I really wanted my question to be answered. If it was possible to make that much in a day, how come we still have poor people today?. Immediately after depositing your funds, things change. They will tell you to start trading without instructions. They will be communicating to you via emails and avoid answering your questions. After you have lost your investment they will send you ebooks and they will tell you to study and encourage you to keep n depositing. On the screen, there will always be a deposit, but nowhere to withdraw. To me this trading is a scam and i can testify to that.
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