MagicPTR Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 7 reviews Review It is a website for people who would like to make money online. It is a paid to click website which claims to pay you $100 for every advertisement you view.

MagicPTR also claims to pay you $200 as signup bonus, as well as $50 for every person you refer to join their website. If you become a Premium Member, which costs $159, you will earn $100 for every referral, $100 for every paid-to-click ad, and $200 for every paid email.

In addition to their unbelievably high payout prices, which are unheard of in the PTC world, Premium Members will be entered into month drawings where they can win expensive prizes. has no Terms & Conditions page, so it is unclear if they have any sort of refund policy or cancellation policy. In addition, their contact page is a basic email submission form without a direct address or phone number.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " MagicPTR " is 1.29 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • I found this BBB link where we all should go and make a complain, let us shut down their scam business
  • this site is a total scam!! they took 359 dollars from me and never gave me my money :( everybody should stay away from this site!!
  • These people have been using going to delete my account right now.
  • Hello everyone, these sites do not pay for free members or during up-gradation anymore.
  • I had signed up on hoping to raise some money for personal issues and as a result since june last year had not received payment owed plus five other outstanding payments.

    I cancelled my account several weeks ago due to personal decision.

    I strongly recommend that internet users avoid this site at all costs as they do not payout whatsoever.
  • so far i am earning about 15,000.00 USD for clicking and emails... i first notice that their email addresses and screenshots were fake because the payouts are same as other sister sites... other SCAM sites are richgoptr, paypermails and workmails.. and also, u may notice that their ads revolve only on their sister sites.... yup, to try a legit site with a doubt, you should not pay any dollars asked for their service to upgrade....
  • I have been a premium member since august 2011. I still have not received any payments from them in four months. I get the same automated email from them when I inquire about any payments. so yes they are a scam and need to be shut down or made to pay all the members who want their payments.
    • Hi, Just collect all your evidence, email to ic3 (FBI) with their website or URL, let FBI make their investigation, make sure your DO not delete their email so that FBI will be able to know their IP address. Let these people face FBI. All these "cheap", "crappy" programs 99.99% NEVER pay, whether you are a premium / upgraded member or a FREE member. you PAID to upgrade hoping they pay you faster, it won't happen because they used FAKE screen shots. ALL satisfaction guarantee seals are TRASH / rubbish. I tried a couple i waited 1.5 to 2 years, never got paid. Their programs are NOT sustainable.
  • I have been a member for sometime. I have made three requests for payment after making the 25,000 minimum that is required to get payment. I have still not received any money, and they keep sending automated responses to my request,but no money. This is my transaction page copy and pasted, on the site

    Earnings Total Cash Earnings: $ 7,650.0000 Request Payment

    Account Transactions Summary Cash 11/16/2011 06:16 Paid To Click Earnings 11,750.00000 11/10/2011 15:45 Paid Mail Earnings 70,700.00000 09/24/2011 01:28 Payment Request -25,000.00000 07/24/2011 05:22 Payment Request -25,000.00000 06/18/2011 03:04 Payment Request -25,000.00000 04/22/2011 20:10 Sign-up Bonus 200.00000

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